“Clicks can tell you a lot about what type of content your readers are most interested in. If someone opens an email, reads a piece of content and clicks a particular link; that’s a good indication that they’re interested in that product or that offer or whatever you may be writing about,” explains Bridget McKone,  founder of UK-based Tekmak Marketing. “It can be difficult to make those distinctions without digging into your reports.”

As a marketing consultant and a Constant Contact Solution Provider, Bridget works directly with business owners in the UK to create and run email marketing campaigns.

She also uses her experience to help clients think differently about creating content.

“It’s not just about looking at who clicked what, it’s about understanding what their customers are most interested in,” explains Bridget. “I can go to clients and say here, here’s a list of people who were interested in this piece of content, here’s what we may want to send next.”

For Bridget’s clients, which are primarily fitness centers throughout the UK, a high click-through rate on a particular piece of content like a weight-loss tip or a success story, can reveal a lot about the needs and interests of their readers and their customer base as a whole.

“I’m able to take the results from each newsletter I send out and put together a follow up ‘mini-newsletter’ for people who clicked a particular link,” Bridget explains. “It gives clients a reason to want to do more with their email marketing.”

We apply a similar approach to our own email newsletters

Our Hints & Tips newsletter for example, goes out to more than 465,000 contacts every month. And while creating content that speaks to every one of those people can be difficult, by keeping track of our reports we too can make smarter content decisions.

“Looking at the links people are clicking on the most gives us a good gauge as to what’s resonating with our subscribers,” explains Dave Charest, content manager at Constant Contact. “It also helps us figure out what we can create as follow up content that will also be relevant to them.”

Creating content that actually works

Whether you’re looking to do more with your email marketing or just want create newsletter content that’s more relevant to your readers, digging into your reports can make a world of difference.

Creating great content starts with listening to the people who are actually receiving it. By creating content that’s relevant to your readers, you’ll be more likely to keep your readers engaged, informed, and interested in what you have to say in each email.

As a result, you’ll not only have more people opening your emails but will actually have people reading and acting on the content you send out.

Bottom line: don’t overlook your click-through reports when it comes time to create your next email.

How do you create content that works for your business? Let us know in the comments below.