As a small business on Facebook, it can sometimes feel like things are only getting harder and harder when it comes to having your content show up.

But this week, an update from Facebook could provide a new way to improve your reach and get in front of the right people.

Read about this top story, and also find out how LinkedIn is making it even easier to see who viewed your profile in this week’s marketing news roundup.

1. Facebook News Feed update gives brands a new way to extend their reach

Facebook rolled out an update to its News Feed algorithm this week that could provide a new opportunity for brands to extend their reach on the site.

With the latest update, when a Page tags a separate brand’s Page in a post, Facebook will show the content to fans of both Pages.

This feature has already been part of Facebook for personal profiles. For example, when someone tags a friend in a photo, it could show up in that person’s news feed even if the users aren’t connected. But this is the first time Facebook has given brands the ability to use tagging to increase their visibility on the social network.

Bottom Line: Tagging other brands when sharing content has always been an effective way to make connections and build business relationships on Facebook. With this latest update, Facebook is giving brands even more of a reason to make these connections.

I asked Constant Contact’s Social Media Community Manager, Danielle Cormier, to see how this update might impact our strategy, and to see if she has any tips for small business owners on Facebook.

“We’ve always enjoyed highlighting interesting articles from other businesses or influencers on Facebook but didn’t enjoy the minimum amount of reach these posts would generate.  I’m excited to see this update and hope it encourages more pages to connect, and build relationships with each other.

As a small business owner, this update to the News Feed should motivate you to connect with other local businesses in your area on Facebook!”

Read Danielle’s latest blog post: Show Up in the Facebook News Feed! 8 Things that Really Work.

2. LinkedIn revamps its Who’s Viewed Your Profile feature

LinkedIn revamped its popular Who’s Viewed My Profile feature this week, providing users with more insight into how people are finding their profile.

With the latest update, LinkedIn has introduced new visual analytics tools, and will give users data-driven insights to help them better manage their presence on the site. LinkedIn will also let users see which keywords people are using to find your profile, along with industry and location information for the people conducting the search.

Here’s how LinkedIn explained the update:

Today we’re giving you the key with access to more data driven insights such as the industry your viewers work in, the keyword searches that led to your profile, how they found you, and new insights including what regions they live in, what profession they are in, and what company they work for. This will help you quickly identify trends and enable you to align your professional brand with your professional goals.

Bottom Line: With this update, LinkedIn has introduced something that the Who’s Viewed My Profile feature has needed for a while — context.

Instead of just seeing names of people who have landed on your profile, you’ll be able to learn more about who they are, how they got there, and why you may want to build relationships with these individuals on LinkedIn. You’ll also be able to identify new opportunities to improve your profile so that you’re able to reach the right people and, as LinkedIn points out, align your professional brand with your professional goals.

3. [Infographic] The Value of a Twitter Follower

Twitter released new data this week that takes a closer look at the value of a Twitter follower for a small business.

According to Twitter’s latest survey, 73 percent of Twitter users follow small and medium-sized businesses for updates on products, with 85 percent feeling more engaged with a brand once they started following them.

Twitter also found that 80 percent of participants are likely to recommend a business they follow on Twitter, and 72 percent said they are more likely to purchase after following a company.

Bottom Line: When looking at data like this, it’s always important to remember the source. But while there’s no denying that Twitter certainly has a stake in proving the value of followers for brands using the site, there’s still plenty to be learned from looking at the data.

When someone follows a brand on Twitter, they are not only endorsing the business but are expressing interest in the content you share. By providing content that’s interesting and relevant to them, you will not only keep followers engaged but will also have more opportunities to build new relationships for your business.

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