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During our webinar on Integrating Social Media and Email Marketing we ran a couple of polls, the first of which revealed that only 3% of businesses have a ‘high level’ of email marketing and social media integration, whilst 63% have ‘low levels’ or no integration at all.

During our discussion, our expert panel, including Kath Pay (Plan to Engage), Luke Brynley-Jones (Our Social Times), Luke Hodson (Awesome Merchandise) and our own Dave Charest, looked at the relationship between these twin disciplines, which has been rather fractious in recent years. Social media experts have often dubbed email as outdated or even ‘dead’, whereas email specialists have tended to see social as ‘fluff and noise’ with no tangible ROI.

More recently, however, marketers have begun to see that these channels shouldn’t be treated as competitors as each channel has strengths that complement the other. As a result, businesses are starting to understand the need for integration between the two in order to drive revenue. So businesses are adopting a more sophisticated approach, right?

According to our poll, nearly two-thirds of businesses have low levels of integration or no integration at all. They may have links to their social profiles in the footer, but they don’t promote social media content in their newsletter and only 3% are using social media data for segmenting emails.


So what’s holding them back?

More than half of respondents lack the knowledge or skills to integrate social and email more closely, whilst 42% don’t have the time and 16% don’t have the budget. Only one in ten businesses said that they can’t see the benefits of closer integration.


The results are quite clear – the vast majority of businesses want to integrate social and email more closely, they’re just not sure how to go about it – so let us help! Send us your questions in the comments section or reach out to us on Twitter and we’ll do our level best to get back to you with practical advice that will help your small business maximise this marketing opportunity.

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