Internet week nyFor the typical small business owner, digital marketing presents a bewildering array of options. Choosing the right tools to reach your goals is essential.

That’s why, next week, we’re excited to join a panel of small business thought leaders in New York City for a special small business online marketing event.

We’ll discuss using advertising and email, offers and community, and other strategies to help your small business acquire and retain customers through digital channels.

We’ll discuss questions that many small businesses are asking:

  • Does search marketing and digital advertising make sense for my local business?
  • How can I use deals and offers to find new customers?
  • How can I keep information about my business up to date and accurate?
  • How can I engage my customers and keep them coming back?
  • Can social media drive real business outcomes?

The goal of the event is to shed light on which tools and strategies give the most in return so small business owners can spend more time on what really matters: running their business.

Panelists represent every major business area in online marketing: search marketing and digital advertising, social media, mobile, daily deals, and email.

The event is next Monday, May 20, from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. EST at the Pillsbury Law – Winthrop Room in New York City.

Constant Contact will be represented by Ellen Williams, Regional Development Director for New York State and Southern Connecticut and Wiley Cerilli, Vice President and General Manager of SinglePlatform.

The Digital Marketing Toolkit for Small Businesses event is part of Internet Week New York, which will be kicking off next Monday in New York City.

We hope to see you there. Register now!