I’m a big fan of comedian Louis C.K., whether it’s his stand-up or his show, Louie. So, when I had the chance to buy a video of his stand-up act back in December, I jumped at the opportunity.

What I didn’t expect was that one of Louie’s primary marketing tools was—yup, you guessed it— email marketing.

Each email is very straightforward, black-text-on-white-background, but it wasn’t the style that caught my eye—it was the content and the strategy.

Here are five things we can learn from Louie’s use of email marketing:

1. Content can generate leads

As I signed up to buy the video, “Live at the Beacon Theater,” I was asked if I wanted to join Louie’s email list for future sales, too.

“An email list?” I wondered. “Well, that’s gotta be an experience.”

I also laughed at his opt-in message.

What this does, of course, is obtain email addresses from people buying “Live at the Beacon Theater.” These customers are clearly loyal to Louie already and very likely to buy more of his stuff in the future. By getting the email at the point of purchase, Louie guarantees that he has a way to contact his fans in the future.

2. Respect your contacts

When I didn’t get an email from Louie after a month, or two, or three, I started to worry. Would this not be an experience?

Finally, in May, I heard from him again. I was so surprised to see another email that there was no way I wasn’t opening it. In fact, if I had gotten one just a few weeks after the initial welcome email, I probably would have trashed it.

But Louie respected my time, so I was curious enough to open it.

3. Keep it personal

Louie’s emails are more personal than emails I get from some family members.

One of the most recent emails talks about his upcoming stand-up tour – and exactly what makes it so special:

Every email I get from Louie makes me feel like he appreciates my support and my time. It also makes me feel like I’m part of something.

In this email, Louie talks about how he is trying something very new by having a flat ticket price for each venue. He talks about what he’s trying to accomplish and the challenges he is going to overcome.

4. Segment your list & let people know about it

Lots of organizations segment their email lists, but Louie told me everything up-front:

The bonus of explicitly telling people they’re in List X is that they have the opportunity to say, “Hey, actually, I might prefer to be in List Y.”

I never got a simpler email, which I’d like to think is because Louie paid attention to who opened the first long email and segmented the list accordingly.

5. Sync up your marketing efforts

Each email is posted to Louie’s website, guaranteeing a broader audience.

There’s also a very personal confirmation email that gets sent to new customers, so they know exactly what to expect from other communications down the road.

Automatic welcome emails help build relationships and they’re really easy to make.

In the end, it’s the personality that sells the product

The most important takeaway from Louie’s email marketing is that he’s genuine. He uses each email to tell people what he’s working on, what worked already, and what didn’t work.

Whether you’re a comedian, a business owner, or a marketer, every email should show your personality. That’s what will make your emails unique and engaging. When you’re genuine, people will notice and they’ll care more about your organization.

Let contacts know what you’re doing behind the scenes, share news and advice with them, and, most of all, be yourself.

Do you have any advice when it comes to putting some personality into your email marketing? Let us know below!