One of the questions I get asked most frequently is what kind of content to post on Facebook to get the most engagement.

What you post needs to be relevant to your business or organization, but that doesn’t mean you have to be so on-topic that it hurts (or worse, that your content feels repetitive, boring, or otherwise blah).

B2Bs especially can feel lost when it comes to social content. If you’re one of those challenged businesses, remember that you are still connecting with people who make the decisions to engage or not, or to buy or not.

As has been oft quoted, being a B2B on Facebook can sometimes feel like the guy wearing socks with sandals. Or even worse, the guy wearing the man-pris. If that hits close to home, first replace the man-pris with actual pants. Second, read on for content ideas.

The competition is on!

On Facebook, you’re competing against everything else in your fans’ newsfeeds; you’re competing for their time and attention.

People generally don’t log in to Facebook thinking, “Gee, I’d really love it if I saw some dry, uninspiring marketing messages in my newsfeed today!” They log in to Facebook to see what their friends and favorite Pages are up to. But people will “Like” and interact with Pages when the content they see is useful, inspiring, funny, engaging, and — above all — relevant.

Engaging to get seen

It’s important to remember, however, that visibility and engagement go hand-in-hand. The more your fans engage with your content (like, comment on, click, or share), the more likely it is that those fans will see posts from your Page in the future.

Why? Because Facebook’s default newsfeed setting is to display “Top Stories” first in the newsfeed. What is considered a Top Story is the result of an algorithm Facebook uses to figure out what an individual user thinks is important. The main contributors to this algorithm are engagement actions — liking, commenting, sharing, and clicking.

When measuring engagement, Facebook takes into account two sides of the same engagement coin: a) whether a Page gets lots of engagement in general (total Likes, shares, etc.), and b) if an individual frequently engages with a Page (or not).

It’s entirely possible that an individual user may not see posts from a Page that generally gets great engagement if that user never engages with that Page’s posts. Which is why it’s really important to [shameless plug] share, like, or comment on Constant Contact’s posts when you see them in your newsfeed.

Just sayin’. 🙂

Ideas for upping your engagement

If your goal is to get as many eyes on your content as possible, then you really have to up the amount of engagement you’re getting from your posts overall.

Just remember: Every post doesn’t have to achieve every objective. You can have some posts that are focused purely on getting engagement (more fun, if you will) to ensure that some of your other, more “serious” posts get seen.

One of the biggest mistakes businesses and organizations make is to post statements — “This is our latest blog post” — and then wonder why all they’re hearing are crickets.

The truth is that people need to be told what to do — no one commented because you didn’t ask for their feedback! Even when you’re posting a link to a blog post or video, don’t miss the opportunity to get more engagement by posing a call to action in the status update. A simple prompt like “What do YOU think about this?” or “Do you agree?” is all it takes.

A big secret revealed!

I’m about to tell you the biggest secret there is when it comes to getting more engagement from your fans — it’s not about you. No seriously, it’s not about you at all — it’s about your fans. So stop talking about your business or organization, and ask your fans their thoughts, their opinions, and their preferences.

If you’re struggling with engagement right now, start with topics that are more generally popular — posts related to news or current events will typically get high levels of engagement.

And of course using a little humor, photos, or videos will increase your chances of getting more engagement and visibility.

What it all comes down to

The more you can amuse and entertain your fans, and get them to interact with you, the more they’ll keep looking for your content and continue to engage. That’ll increase your exposure, and hopefully will lead to more business too.


What kinds of fun things do you post to your Facebook Page? Share your ideas and examples with us in the comments section below.