LinkedIn is a lot more than a glorified job board — it’s an entire social media network. More people are becoming aware of the site’s potential, but many still forget to use LinkedIn for technology services, opting for other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

LinkedIn has more than 738 million members as of this writing. That’s a giant pool of potential leads just waiting to find your technology services.

So how can you bring those people to your business? You’ll need to grow your page, beef up your profile, and take steps to boost engagement.

Tools and advice to help you find clients for your web development, IT, or computer systems design business.

Grow your technology services business on LinkedIn‌

You likely already have a social media marketing strategy you use to get your business more leads and visibility. Adding LinkedIn to that strategy is simple, but it requires a slightly different approach than other social platforms. 

Using the platform as a social network — and taking advantage of a host of recent features designed to compete with other social channels — can make LinkedIn a central part of your growth strategy. 

Network with other business owners‌

LinkedIn is first and foremost a B2B (business to business) network. Use it to find and meet decision-makers at companies you’d like to work with. Joining groups, connecting with people in your industry, and attending virtual events are all great ways to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on. 

Pay attention to popular discussions, start your own, and weigh in on issues aligned with your expertise. The connections you make may eventually refer you to active leads who are more ready to buy. 

Send out connection requests to others in your industry consistently. Not all of them will accept, but those who do will be ready to have a conversation.

Put out content‌

Posting about issues that concern your industry and writing articles on LinkedIn build your brand by positioning your business as an authority. You’re showing people that you know what you’re talking about. 

It doesn’t have to be just written articles and resharing posts. There are other ways you can make your LinkedIn content more interesting and engaging to people scrolling their feed:

  • Add photos. Images catch attention more easily than standard text posts, especially if they’re colorful and aesthetically pleasing. They also take up more visual real estate, so it takes longer to scroll past them than a few lines of text. You can even use LinkedIn’s document feature to share slideshows of multiple photos.
  • Share video. As with any social media platform, video is the number one attention-getter. And it usually keeps someone’s attention longer than text or photos. The longer someone engages with your content, the more likely LinkedIn’s algorithm is to push it out. Plus, video can be an effective way to tell a story. Get creative by sharing your brand story, a profile of an interesting employee, or an explainer video. You can even use live video to connect with your audience in real-time.
  • Use hashtags. It’s worth adding relevant tags to your post to get in front of more people. Check out LinkedIn’s suggested tags to see what to include if you’re stuck, or make a note of the tags used in other popular posts in your industry. You can even tag other companies in your posts to try and get the attention of their audience. Hashtags are still relatively new to LinkedIn, so using them puts you at an advantage.

Use LinkedIn’s engagement boosters‌

The platform recently added multiple new features to help drive engagement. Some are copies of other platforms’ features, like Stories, and others are unique to LinkedIn. They’re great for boosting engagement with regular posts and putting out bite-sized, quick hits of content. 

  • Stories. What started on Snapchat has moved to every other major social media platform. LinkedIn Stories let you share short updates on your business or give your followers a glimpse into what the day-to-day is like. Since they’re live for only 24 hours, Stories are good for quick interactive takes like a “question of the day.”
  • Polls. The more people engage with your content, the wider your audience will be, and polls are a great way to accomplish that. Polls can also let you know what your audience cares about and what they want to see more of.
  • Reactions. Now that LinkedIn offers a wider variety of actions than just a like button, people are more incentivized to use them. Tailor your posts to make it easier for people to react. Announcing a new team member, for example, could prompt people to use the “celebrate” reaction. Brands like Gymshark make posts with little illustrations and ask their followers to react with the illustration that best suits them. The tactic can be used for any business because it’s fun, easy, and effective for driving engagement.
LinkedIn for technology services -Gymshark LinkedIn post asking people to react with their "desk drink of choice"
Gymshark’s LinkedIn page encourages users to engage through the use of fun illustrations.

The idea of constantly posting content might seem daunting, but don’t be intimidated. You can use multiple social media tools to create posts in bulk and dole them out over time.

Update and optimize your profile‌

LinkedIn offers multiple opportunities to build your brand image and quickly get your point across to potential leads, so use those features!

Add a summary line and bio that encapsulate your business message. What does your brand stand for in one sentence? Boil it down and let people know as soon as they hit your page. Write articles and posts that solidify your company’s voice.

Make sure your page is visually harmonious. Choose cohesive brand colors and designs, and make sure you incorporate them everywhere you can — from the header to the profile photo and beyond. Make sure you’re using the same branding on other social media channels as well.

Focus on your people. Make regular posts highlighting the people who work at your company and what they accomplish. Highlight the diversity and ingenuity of your staff, and tell their stories. It’s a great way to show the people behind the brand. 

Hashtags and keywords

Add hashtags to your profile. You can use up to three, so include the tags most relevant to your business to help people find you. Tags like #softwarestartup or #chicagofintech can put you in front of people looking for that type of company. 

You can even use hashtags to co-opt momentum from a big event, like the CES tech conference, as long as your post has something to do with that event. One caveat: Use hashtags sparingly. Narrow it down to the most relevant, and avoid using more than 10. 

Think about who your target audience is and tailor your page to them. Include industry keywords that help them find you. Talk about what you offer, and position yourself as an authority in the space. 


Growing your technology services business on LinkedIn is an incredibly effective way to generate leads through the platform. And the way to do that is to maintain an active, professional presence. Post often, and make sure those posts grab attention and provide value. 

Use SEO strategies like keywords and hashtags to get in front of the right people and then draw them in with great content and a well-designed page. A professional appearance will hook them, and solid content will provide value that captures their interest enough to make an inquiry. Be clear about who you are, what you stand for, and what you do.

Next Steps‌

Try applying some of these tips to your LinkedIn page for more visibility and a bigger following. Check out our guide for technology services, The Download, for more marketing strategies for tech businesses.