Let’s be honest, LinkedIn isn’t the most exciting looking social network.

If LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter all lived on the same street – we all know who would be the favorite to win an extreme home makeover.

But that’s all about to change … and with a new redesign you could start rethinking how you use LinkedIn.

Also find out where on Facebook you can keep track of the people that are viewing your posts.

Read about these stories and more in this week’s news roundup.

1. LinkedIn is about to undergo a major redesign

LinkedIn is eyeing a new look, and with it, a better experience for its users.

The professional network’s long-awaited facelift should start rolling out within weeks and is expected to be focused on helping users build better relationships, connect with more socially curated news content, and in the end – stay on the network longer.

The redesign is just that – a redesign, and will come with major improvements to tools and features that are already available.

Bottom Line: LinkedIn has needed a redesign for quite some time. The current layout is not only uninspiring aesthetically, but it really doesn’t give enough exposure to all the helpful tools and features that the site offers for its users. With a new menu, more visual layout, and better functionality overall – LinkedIn is taking a big step forward in terms of engagement and usefulness for its users.

2. Facebook groups start showing users who saw each post

Do you ever find yourself wondering if anyone is actually seeing the content you share on Facebook? Well, when it comes to Facebook Groups, you will now have an answer. Facebook has introduced “read receipts” to Groups that will not only tell users how many people have viewed their content but who those people are.

Bottom Line: It’s unlikely that “read receipts” will ever come to the more public areas of Facebook, like Profiles or Pages … and that’s good news. The fact is, people like to be able to “linger” on Facebook and browse without worrying about having their activity monitored by friends or administrators. (Think about if everyone could see how many times you viewed their content, each time you view it … )

But if you’re active on Facebook Groups this update should be exciting news to you, as it will make coordination much easier amongst Group members and will help show what type of content is resonating with your peers.

3. Pinterest now driving more referral traffic than Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Bing

When it comes to driving referral traffic online, Pinterest is still hot … really hot. According to a new study from content-sharing tool Shareaholic, Pinterest is now beating sites like Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Bing when it comes to referral traffic. The site has seen a steady growth in referrals throughout the year, starting at .85% in January, up to 1.19% in June. (Twitter is currently driving .92%.)

Bottom Line: Pinterest isn’t just driving more referrals than sites like Twitter; they are driving more sales from those referrals. In fact, referrals from Pinterest are 10% more likely to buy than those referred from Twitter or Facebook and they spend twice as much!

Find out how your business can get started on Pinterest, today.

4. Yahoo! gets hacked. Over 400,000 usernames and passwords compromised

Yahoo! confirmed reports of a major breach in security on Thursday, saying in a statement that over 400,000 usernames and passwords had been comprised by hackers. The breach also exposed thousands of passwords from other email providers, including Gmail, Hotmail, and AOL.

Concerned that your account may be among those impacted by the hack? You can find out here.

Bottom Line: Online security should be a top priority for your business. A breach in your email or social media accounts can cause major setbacks for your marketing efforts and more importantly, puts you at risk for tarnishing your company’s reputation. You must also make sure that you’re protecting your customers’ information, especially if they are signing up for your email mailing list.

5. Hootsuite has over 4 million users sending more than 1 billion social messages

Hootsuite released a new infographic this week that gives some revealing insights about the amount of engagement that is taking place on the popular social media dashboard. With over 4 million users and more than 1 billion messages sent, they are now the second largest provider of enterprise social networks. Twitter is currently the top network for Hootsuite users with 48% of the activity, followed by Facebook (39%) and LinkedIn (7%).

Bottom Line: Hootsuite’s growing popularity shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, especially small businesses owners. With features that let users coordinate their marketing efforts across different social channels, schedule posts and updates, track analytics, and monitor engagement – Hootsuite is a powerful tool for staying organized and driving real results from social media.

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