It’s been said many times before, but that’s because it’s true: Social media can be like a great, big cocktail party.

Everyone has a good time and enjoys each other’s company, but at the end of the night most everyone goes home. And it’s possible you may never connect again with some of the people you had a really great time chatting with. But when you know you’d like to keep in touch with someone, you often exchange contact info. It’s really no different from how you should be thinking about building your email list using social media. It’s natural for interested people to move from the social arena to the more engaged space of the email inbox.

Earlier in the month, managing editor Martin Lieberman offered seven ways to build your email list on social media. Today, I’m going to add seven more to mix for you, but from the perspective of what happens once these people take that next step to learn more about you by visiting your website:

1. Include a link to your Join My Mailing List  form on all pages of your website. It’s great to have this link on your homepage, but if you’ve been off creating engaging content for other pages, then it’s possible your website visitors may never make it to the homepage because they’re too busy consuming the other stuff you’ve made for them. Don’t miss an opportunity to gain a new subscriber by not having the link where your site visitors are hanging out.

2. Make it about the value not the list. It’s easy to get obsessed about the list itself. When this happens it becomes about you and not about what your subscriber is going to get for turning over his or her email address. Focus on whysomeone should join. In your newsletters, encourage current subscribers to continue the discussion on social media. Better yet, be part of that conversation. This way, others will see what they’re missing and will sign up for your list.

3.  Keep your sign up form simple. Here’s an interesting statistic: Forms that take longer than 45 seconds to fill out and submit have an average fall off of 48% (Worldata Email Usage Study Q4 2010). Only ask for the information that is absolutely necessary and that you know you are going to use. Then time yourself filling out the form to see how long it will take someone else.

4. Post your privacy policy. Let people know they are only signing up for your email list, and that you won’t use their information for other purposes. Making this policy available offers an additional layer of trust to the email exchange. Remember, someone may be visiting your site for the first time. More trust equals more sign-ups.

5.  Remove unnecessary barriers. It’s easy for a visitor to get overwhelmed with information when he visits your website. The more things you have for the visitor to do, the easier it is for him to get distracted. You’ll want to keep people focused. If you want them to join your email list, then make that the main objective. Let your pages and content support the reasons why they should sign up.

6. Create a video. Use this video to let visitors know why they should sign up. This makes you and your organization more personable. Keep it short and to the point. You can also share the video on social media sites for increased exposure.

7. Create a “Reasons to sign-up” page. Survey your current readers about why they subscribe to your email list. Ask if you can use their comments to promote your list. Let their voice be the ones that tell potential subscribers why they should sign up.

So there you have some more ways to make it easier for those cocktail-party friends to take the next step towards becoming long-time supporters by joining your email list.

What tips do you have for building your email list? What did I miss? Share your thoughts with us here or on our Facebook Page.

Photo: Kirti Poddar