Hand putting laundry into washing machingYou know what? My wife was right.

Eight months ago my family and I renovated the first floor of our house.

As part of this renovation, we moved our clothes washer and dryer up from the basement and onto our main floor.

Even though I regarded this as small, and even insignificant move, my wife insisted it was going to have a major impact on our household.

What type of impact?

Well, we’ve been more productive and saving loads of time simply because we haven’t had to run up and down the stairs to manage the wash. (And for a family of five, this is a VERY good thing!)

Unlike my wife, I hadn’t made the connection between having everything in the same place and how much easier it was going to be to manage our laundry.

By now you’re probably wondering what does this have to do with managing events

I’m actually a bit disappointed in myself. Of course I should have realized what an impact this small change was going to have! It’s the same type of small change we here at Constant Contact help small businesses and organizations like yours make every day when it comes to managing their events.

Let me explain. When you’re managing an event and using flyers for event promotion, keeping track of attendee registration in notebooks or on “stickies,” and controlling attendee check-ins via printed out rosters, you’re essentially running up and down the stairs when you could have everything in the same place.

The same place means you can be more productive and save time

Think about it. If you moved all those event activities online into a central location, imagine how much easier managing your events would be. You’d be able to promote your events, manage your registrations, and handle your check-ins all in one place. Not to mention minimize the potential for error.

Additionally, just as when you are doing your wash, you’re able to set up your event online and let it go. You don’t need to be fielding phone calls or taking payments because an online event management solution provides all the information your registrants need – all without you having to be constantly watching the process. What a time saver! Now, instead of managing the event registration process, you can focus on making your event great.

Maybe it’s time to move your washer

Now that we have our washer on our main floor, we will never go back – it’s been that big of a positive change. The impact of bringing the management of your events online and in the same place can be just as dramatic – in fact, we believe so much in the power of online management for your events, we’ll refund 100% of your first monthly payment if you’re not satisfied for any reason.

And if you don’t believe me about the impact a move like this can have, you should at least trust my wife. She’s right every time.

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