Vito Marchese always knew he wanted to be his own boss, which is why he didn’t waste any time starting his company, Whiteboard Studio.

“I started my business in 2006, after graduating from The University of Toronto,” Vito explains. “I always knew I wanted to be my own boss, so I started Whiteboard Studio and focused on offering traditional advertising services.”

Within a few years, Vito had built a clientele of small businesses and nonprofit organizations. He began looking into new ways to expand his business’s services to help his clients become more successful.

“As the market changed, we began offering digital marketing services such as website development, social media, and email marketing,” Vito explains. “That’s when I began using Constant Contact for my own business. I really loved what the tool had to offer.”

In 2011, Vito attended a local seminar hosted by Lisa Kember, Regional Director, Canada East for Constant Contact.

It was there that Vito found out about the Constant Contact Solution Provider Program — a program designed to help companies like Whiteboard Studio grow their business and complement the services they already offer.

“I was already a huge fan of Constant Contact and when I started to learn more about the Solution Provider program, I knew it would be a perfect fit for my business,” Vito explains. “After that, I began to re-align my services to focus strictly on email marketing, social media, and engagement marketing with Constant Contact.”

After joining the program, Vito was assigned a dedicated account manager that introduced him to the different resources the program had to offer.

As Vito explains, this was an invaluable addition to his business.

“To have a dedicated account manager has really been crucial to my business. I’m able to work with her to set goals, hit targets, and generate new ideas,” Vito explains. “I also take advantage of the online resources like the partner portal where I can monitor what’s happening.”

In addition to the resources to help him get started, Vito soon realized that the program could help address one of his biggest business challenges — generating new leads.

“I want to be the expert and Constant Contact gives me the tools and resources to help me do that,” Vito explains. “I’m able to partner with Constant Contact to host local events and seminars which give me the chance to get in front of valuable leads for my business.”

As a Master Certified Solution Provider, Vito also has access to Constant Contact’s lead sharing program, which helps match consultants with small businesses in need of marketing services.

The steady stream of new clients that come through the partnership has played an important role in helping Vito grow his business.

But as Vito explains, the ongoing benefits for his existing clients have also helped drive important business results.

“I’ve been able to expand on the services I offer my clients which has allowed me to provide greater value to their business,” Vito explains. “When you help your clients succeed, they’re going to come back time and time again because you’re generating that positive return on their investment.”

In addition to the new and repeat business that’s come from participating in the program, Vito also has the opportunity to take advantage of Constant Contact’s industry-leading revenue sharing program.

“Consultants can build out a great business as a partner with Constant Contact,” Vito explains. “The revenue growth I have seen as a result of being a Partner with Constant Contact is truly amazing.”

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