If you’ve missed out on any of the Speakeasy Marketing Roundtable podcast fun for the last few weeks, here’s your chance to catch up.

Just click on any of the links below, pop on your headphones, and enjoy some great banter and practical tips about the latest social media and marketing topics.

New to the Speakeasy? Here’s the rundown:

Your marketing questions plus a room full of beer and marketing obsessed colleagues equals the best way to spend some time on a Friday!

Listen in as content manager, Dave Charest (that’s me!) moderates a marketing roundtable discussion with social media education developer, Azure Collier, social media specialist, Danielle Cormier, social media manager, Erica Ayotte, senior product marketing manager, Josh Mendelsohn, social media specialist, Kristen Curtiss, and communications specialist, Dave Gerhardt.


  1. The Speakeasy Marketing Roundtable: Episode 1 [Podcast]
  2. Facebook Acquires Instagram [Speakeasy #2]
  3. Facebook Offers: The Good and the Bad [Speakeasy #3]
  4. LinkedIn Buys Slideshare: Good News for Small Business? [Speakeasy #4]
  5. How to WOW! Your Customers [Speakeasy #5]
  6. 3 Most Important Factors to Increase Email Open Rates [Speakeasy #6]
  7. Facebook Allows Page Admins to Schedule Posts and Assign Admin Roles [Speakeasy #7]
  8. Facebook Rolls Out Promote a Post for Pages [Speakeasy #8]
  9. New Integrations: Twitter with Facebook, Facebook with iOS 6 [Speakeasy #9]
  10. What Are the Pros and Cons of Hiring Someone to Do Your Social Media? [Speakeasy #10]
  11. How to Use Hot Topics to Boost Your Social Media Content [Speakeasy #11]
  12. The One with All the Facebook Promotion [Speakeasy #12]
  13. The One About Pinterest and Social Media in the U.K. [Speakeasy #13]

Ask your social media and marketing questions in the comments below and we’ll answer them in an upcoming episode! Or you can email your questions to: SocialTeam (at) ConstantContact (dot) com