When it comes to superheroes you may think of x-ray vision, being able to travel faster than a speeding bullet, or some other superpower.

But not all superheroes possess special powers. Take, for instance, Batman.

Batman is not superhuman. He doesn’t have special powers like other superheroes. He wasn’t bitten or radiated. Instead, Batman is a self-made superhero.

He uses his brain, his friends, and the appropriate tools to save the day.

And if you look to Batman as your long-distance mentor, you can model his formula to become your own marketing superhero!

What makes Batman a superhero?

There are three things that make Batman a superhero:

  1. He’s smart. A successful entrepreneur/business person who knows what he wants and everyone knows him.
  2. He delegates and collaborates. Whenever he is faced with a problem he reaches out for assistance with research. Once he receives the information, he brainstorms with his trusted associates to better understand the data in relationship to the problem.
  3. He plans and executes. After his collaboration he devises a plan and puts it into action using the right tools for the job.

How can you be like Batman when it comes to marketing?

Apply the superhero formula to your marketing efforts:

  1. Know your mission and share it. As a smart and successful entrepreneur/business person, you know what you want to accomplish. Communicate your vision to everyone you meet so they know you and want to work with you. Be real, approachable, friendly, and engaging. Marketing is about building these relationships, both online and in person.
  2. Create a great team. Surround yourself with good people, including employees, contractors, peers, interns, associates, friends, and even people you meet online. Conversations on marketing can be found in many places that include great advice—join the conversation on Constant Contact’s Blog, LinkedIn Groups, and with industry leaders on Twitter. Don’t forget local networking events and trade shows.
  3. Use the right tools. Take your goals — in conjunction with what you’ve learned from other people—and create a marketing plan. The execution comes by using the right tools, including email marketing, social media, and in-person networking, to name a few.

Can you really be a marketing superhero?

As an entrepreneur/business person you have all the qualities of a true superhero: vision, passion, drive, and perseverance. Use the superhero formula to accomplish your goals and before you know it you’ll be designing your very own costume!