You’re using email marketing to grow your small retail business. You’ve put in the time planning your email marketing schedule, writing content for your time-based promotional and non-promotional messages, and designing your emails.

But once you’ve hit that send button, how do you know if all of that effort has paid off?

In Part Four of our virtual workshop series, Increase Your Sales with Email Marketing, we’ll help you determine the metrics that matter. We’ll share a 15-minute plan that shows how your email marketing efforts are impacting your business. We’ll discuss open rates, click through rates, finding the best day and time to send, and how your email campaigns relate to your business goals.

By the end of the session, you’ll be armed with expert tips on how to make better decisions based on your email marketing results.

View the session below:

View the materials for this webinar:

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Increase Your Sales with Email Marketing is a series of virtual workshops designed to simplify email marketing for small business retailers.

Join us for our final workshop of the series: Grow Your Email List, Grow Your Business on May 26, 2016. Register here

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