Chances are you already know how important online events (webinars, virtual events, online meetings) are to your business.

If not, here’s the skinny. Online Events are an amazingly low cost, highly efficient, easily planned alternative to a physical event.

Think about it; no venue, no event staff, no food & beverages, no equipment rentals, and no excuse for your registrants to not show up because the traffic was terrible.

Online events are smart, and now we’ve made them easy.

So now you’re thinking …

“Great, thanks for all that, but why should I care about this? I already do online events, and my way works just fine.”

That’s the great part. This new functionality within Event Marketing allows you to still use your current online event provider (GoToMeeting, Webex, etc) to host the event.

GoToMeeting and Webex and those other tools are great, but they fall a bit short when it comes to helping you promote and collect registrations.

That’s where we come in

Where other tools just give you a link, we give you professional invitations, an event homepage and registration/payment capabilities which can all be easily designed to match your brand’s look and feel.

Don’t have an online event tool? Want to try something new?

Event Marketing from Constant Contact has partnered with MeetingBurner to provide users with a really great way to promote, register, track, and actually host an online meeting in one seamless, integrated experience.


  • Professional event invites that you can design, send, and track with Event Marketing from Constant Contact.
  • An event homepage you can share on social media or link to from your website or blog.
  • Robust registration capabilities – collect custom registration info, take payments, sell items, and track attendance. (Does your online event tool do any of those things?)
  • Little to no downloading of software. As long as your registrants have the latest version of flash installed on their computers, they are good to go. There’s even a great iPad/Andriod App.
  • A temperature gauge. MeetingBurner has an awesome feature that lets your attendees tell you if your event is “hot” or “cold” with a temperature gauge.
  • In meeting chat.
  • PRICE! – MeetingBurner has a free entry level for fewer than 15 registrants. Additionally, Event Marketing customers get enormous discounts on MeetingBurner’s paid levels.

Make an impact with online events

We at Constant Contact rely heavily on online events and webinars to generate new business and to teach and train new customers, so we understand the impact online events can have. I really hope this was useful for you and your business. Thanks for reading!

What are your biggest frustrations when running online events? Tell us in the comments.