By now, you’re probably well aware of the impact mobile devices have had on how email is read.

Considering mobile marketing firm Knotice’s recent survey, which found that 41 percent of marketing emails are opened on mobile devices, there’s a very good chance you’re reading this article on a smartphone or tablet right now.

It’s become an accepted fact of our marketing lives that emails need to display well, regardless of the screen size on which they are displayed.

However, to assume that “mobile email marketing” simply refers to optimizing email display on smartphones is like filling out only the first round of your March Madness bracket. You may score a few points, but you miss out on the opportunity to win big.

There are host of ways marketers can leverage the explosion in mobile device usage to increase the effectiveness of their email campaigns and, in particular, to grow subscriber lists with high-quality contacts.

By employing these three easy list-building suggestions, you can build a championship-level mobile email marketing strategy:

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