Has this ever happened to you?

Someone comes in to your place of business, or attends an event you’re hosting, or makes a donation, or engages with you offline in some way, and then he or she leaves and you have no way of staying in touch. Same goes for all the people who may hear an advertisement for your business or organization on the radio, or see a print ad in the local newspaper.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could add people like this to your email list quickly and easily, and could put the power of joining the list literally right in the hands of your customers, clients, members, or supporters?

Well, it’s possible, and they don’t even need a computer. All these people need are their mobile phones.

That’s right: These days, with mobile technologies making things easier and more portable, people can sign up to join your email list in seconds, and all you have to do is some quick setup. In the words of the great television pitchman Ron Popeil, you just “Set it and forget it.”

Here’s what I mean:

1. They can join via text message. Using our Text-to-Join feature makes joining your email list as simple as sending a quick text message.  All you do is pick a keyword, and then tell people to text that keyword to a number that we’ll give you. You can promote this at events, in your radio advertisements, or any other time you come across someone who is not already on your list. (For more detailed information, check out this quick tutorial. Note: This feature is only available in the United States.)

2. They can scan a QR code. Our brand-new Scan-to-Join feature allows you to create a simple QR code that, when scanned by a smart phone, takes your customers, clients, members, and supporters to a mobile friendly Join My Mailing List page, where they can add themselves to your lists. You can put this code on flyers, business cards, print advertisements, or other printed materials. (For some great tips on using Scan-to-Join, download this quick handout.)

Remember: Asking people if they’re on your mailing list also gives you the chance to ask if they’re connected to you on social media. Mobile apps make it very easy for people to start following their favorite businesses, organizations, or people on Twitter, and to “Like” a Facebook Page too.

Growing your mailing list is something you should always be doing. By letting your customers, clients, members, and supporters join with their mobile phones, they can sign up anywhere, at any time.

Are you using mobile technologies to grow your email list? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.