What’s one of the easiest things you can do to increase click-through rates? According to our most recent research, it’s making sure your emails look great on a mobile device.

New data, compiled in conjunction with Chadwick Martin Bailey, found that 49 percent of consumers say they are likely to click on links in emails opened on their smartphone. While click-through rates vary greatly among industries and subscriber list size, as a marketer you are in an envious position if almost half of your subscriber list looks forward to the links you provide in your emails.

The new data also found that almost 80 percent of consumers are likely to reopen an email on a laptop or desktop after having originally opened it on a mobile device. So if you catch your subscribers on their smartphone first, there’s a very good chance they will revisit your email later. This allows you to develop a deeper relationship with your customers and keeps your brand top-of-mind because they’re seeing your content multiple times.

Becoming mobile friendly is easy

“That’s great,” you may be saying to yourself. “But you’re still speaking lies, Jason. You just said making your email look great on a mobile device is ‘easy.’”

Actually, it is. But I’ll let one of our resident mobile email experts and a man who knows better than I, mobile products manager Jim Garretson speak to that:

“The great thing about mobile emails is that shorter content and fewer calls to action actually perform better than complicated and dense messaging,” says Jim. “By simplifying email marketing campaigns, marketers can take an essential and effective step towards becoming mobile friendly.”

So there you have it. By simplifying your content and cutting down on messaging, you are creating an effective mobile email. This means less work for you and a better mobile experience for your subscribers.

Making the Case for Mobile

We have written before about how you can find mobile-friendly templates and make the change to a mobile-friendly email, but you can also watch our first mobile marketing webinar here.

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