How to succeed at mobile marketing on a shoestring

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Allow us to take a wild guess. You are tired of hearing people say that you need to be doing mobile marketing.

You already know that mobile marketing is blowing up. What you need is concrete advice on what it is and how to make it work for your small business — without frittering away oodles of cash that simply isn’t there.

Are we in the right ballpark?

You want to know how to improve sales and marketing ROI through mobile. You want to be shown how to build a relationship with people who are already searching for the services you provide or the products you sell. Most of all you want to be shown that — actually — creating your mobile strategy can be refreshingly simple. (And you’re right. It can.)

Most of all you want to be shown that — actually — creating your mobile strategy can be refreshingly simple. (And you’re right. It can.)

Make the decision to find out. Right now.

Let’s you and us do this together.

On 15th March we are co-hosting a webinar featuring a choice selection of mobile marketing whizzes. For the fabulous price of free, you will get insight on the various different mobile opportunities, with advice on choosing the ideal strategy — whether that’s for mobile email, social media, or local search.

This is your opportunity to finally grab the mobile marketing opportunity by the scruff of the neck. You won’t find a more informative webinar without spending a fortune. So stop looking for excuses, do your bottom line a favour and make the decision to join us.

(Find out more and register for free — it takes 20-seconds and there’s no commitment if you change your mind.)

Believe the hype.

Your customers of tomorrow are consuming more and more content through their smartphones and tablets.

More than a third of all web pages are now served to mobile devices. Emails are being opened on mobile devices more than laptops and desktops (especially Gmail — in May 2015 Google announced that 75 percent of Gmail users accessed their emails on mobile phones).

As for social media, the number of accounts accessed on mobile devices runs into the billions.

What will we cover in the webinar?

  • What mobile marketing really means to smaller businesses: where is the real opportunity?
  • How to ensure your website is completely optimised for mobile users
  • Techniques for better email marketing in a mobile world.
  • How to combine local and hyperlocal to deliver marketing results.
  • How social media can combine with mobile to increase reach.
  • Should you be using geo-targeting technologies?

To take part all you need is an internet connection and a space in your diary at 3pm GMT (10pm EDT) on Tuesday 15th of March.

Can’t make it? No worries. Register and you will be able to download a recording of the webinar after we’ve packed everything away and polished off the cakes.

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