Note: This event has already taken place but you may watch the on-demand version here!

On Tuesday, July 23, 2013, we are hosting our first-ever mobile marketing webinar, Making the Case for Mobile.”

In this one-hour session, we will cover:

  1. Why you can’t ignore mobile even if you think your customers aren’t using it
  2. How mobile is the new reality for small businesses and nonprofit organizations
  3. What you can do today to become more mobile friendly

In preparation for the event, we’ve been actively talking about mobile here on the Constant Contact Blog. Over the last few months, we’ve covered a wide range of topics we believe all small business and nonprofit organizations need to be aware of when putting together a successful marketing strategy in today’s increasingly mobile world.

To help you get ready for Tuesday’s webinar, we’ve put together a collection of mobile assets that you can refer back to before, during, and after the event.

Here are 21 mobile marketing resources for small businesses and nonprofits:

Why mobile?

1. [Ask An Expert] What Does Mobile Mean for Small Businesses and Nonprofits?

2. Don’t Let These 4 Mobile Marketing Misconceptions Hold You Back

3. 3 Mobile Stats Small Businesses Need to Know

4. Mobile Search: How New Customers Find You

5. What Happens When You Are Not Mobile Friendly?

6. Creating a Connected Experience for Brands Across Mobile and Web

How other small businesses are using mobile

7. More than Half of Small Businesses are Going Mobile…Are You?

8. The Shocking Truth about Small Business Owners and Mobile Technology [Speakeasy Podcast #43]

9. 4 Nonprofit Emails that Look Awesome on Mobile

10. How to Create Mobile-Friendly Emails that Inspire Action

Making the change to mobile-friendly emails

11. Email: The Starting Point for a Mobile Marketing Strategy

12. Why Mobile Should Simplify Your Email Marketing Not Complicate It

13. How to Make the Change to a Mobile-Friendly Email

14. 5 Simple Tips for Mobile-Friendly Emails

15. How to Find Mobile-Friendly Email Templates

16. 4 Easy Ways to Create Mobile-Friendly Email Buttons

17. 6 Tips for Writing Sensational Mobile-Friendly Subject Lines

18. Email Gets More Mobile Time [Speakeasy Podcast #39]

Adopting a mobile social media marketing strategy

19. 4 Facebook Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Mobile tools for marketing your business

20. How to Use Your Smartphone to Grow Your Email List

21. 5 Ways You Should Be Using Your Smartphone to Create Fresh Content

Did you miss our mobile marketing webinar? You can watch the on-demand version now.