By now, you’re probably familiar with all the things you can do on your smartphone that get in the way of being productive.

But did you also know there are things you can do on your device that will actually make you more successful?

Whether you’re someone who’s comfortable on a smartphone or tablet, or just figuring out how these devices fit into your life, there are simple habits you can try that will make you a more successful marketer and help you do more business.

Let’s take a look at 10 you can try out.

1. Capture your ideas

There’s nothing worse than coming up with a great idea for a Facebook post or a newsletter story and then not being able to remember it later. Instead of carrying around a notepad everywhere you go, use your smartphone to record ideas and revisit them when you’re ready.

Tip: Evernote is a mobile app that lets you take notes on your smartphone or tablet so that you can access them later on your desktop.

2. Find and save content

There are a number of mobile tools out there to help you discover content and resources relevant to your industry, and worth sharing with your audience.

With a mobile reader like Feedly or Flipboard, you can subscribe to multiple content providers or pull in content by selecting specific topics. These tools can be a great time saver because you can see content from many different sites, all in one place.

There are also tools like Pocket, which let you bookmark pieces of content so that you can find them when you’re ready to share.

3. Create content

Your smartphone is an incredibly valuable content creation tool. You can snap photos at your store or office, create engaging videos of your employees or customers, and even create audio recordings to share your ideas.

One of the best mobile tools for content creation is Instagram. You can create awesome looking photos that can be shared across your different social networks, or even included in your next email. You can also take quick videos to give people a behind the scenes look at your business.

4. Keep up with social media

If you haven’t already, make sure to download the mobile apps for each of your top social networks.

In addition to offering a convenient way to post and interact with fans and followers, these tools make it easy to monitor your activity so that you never miss a chance to connect with your audience.

5. Create and schedule emails

Constant Contact customers can create email campaigns right from your iOS or Android phone and tablet.

You can use our touch-based mobile editing tools to create email campaigns and send to your list. You can add text and images, choose colors to match your brand, and embed links right from your mobile device.

You can also use the app to schedule any campaign in your Constant Contact account.

6. Add contacts

You never want to miss a chance to stay connected with potential customers. With a tool like the iCapture app, you can plug new contacts into a mobile device and have them automatically added to your email list. The iCapture app is perfect for tablet users, as well.

So rather than having a paper sign-up form at an event registration table or on the counter at your store, iCapture lets you use your tablet to give attendees or customers the chance to join your list right away.

Note: You will soon be able to add and manage contacts with the Constant Contact apps.

7. Check your campaign reports

When sending email campaigns to your audience, it’s important to keep an eye on your metrics to figure out what’s working, what’s not, and what you can do differently to improve your results.

Luckily, you can now check the results of any email campaign right within Constant Contact’s mobile apps. You can keep track of your overall results — with metrics like open and click-rate. You can also see a list of which contacts opened, clicked, or forwarded your email to a friend.

8. Test your emails

With so many people reading emails on smartphones and tablets, it’s important that every message you send out looks great on mobile.

One of the easiest ways to see how your emails look on these different devices is to test it on your own phone or tablet.

Before you hit send on your next campaign, try sending a test to your email address. If you’re having difficulty reading your email or clicking a link, consider tweaking the design to make it more mobile friendly.

9. Search for your business

Hopefully you’ve heard some of the stats about the number of people using their devices to search for businesses in their area. If not, consider this: 70 percent of people who perform a local search via mobile act on the search within an hour.

Take the time to regularly check the information people are finding when searching for your business on a mobile device. In addition to your website, blog, and social media channels you’ll also see platforms like Yelp, YellowPages, or TripAdvisor showing up with information. By reviewing these sites on your own device, you will learn more about how new customers are finding your business and identify any potential problems in the process.

10. Learn on the go

As you can see, there are a wide variety of activities you can try out right from your own smartphone or tablet. In addition to all of these activities, you should also take the opportunity to tap into the wealth of education that’s available at your fingertips.

Many blogs — including this one — are optimized for mobile, which make it easy to read on any device.

Podcasts are another excellent source of education for you to explore on mobile. You can download a podcast on any device and listen during your morning commute, or put it on in the background at your store or office.

Whether you’re reading or listening, the number one thing to remember is that you don’t have to be seated at a computer to learn something new.

Ready to get started?

Two-thirds of small business owners already use mobile devices to help run their business. Use these tips to help you get started today!

If you’re a Constant Contact customer, we’d love for you to try out the Constant Contact mobile app. We’ve added some exciting new features that we think you’re going to love, and we have even more updates on the way.

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