Every year, players on the Alpha, Ohio-based soccer league Ohio Galaxies FC  are sweating it out on the field.

Meanwhile, Nancy Shields, who helps organize the high school teams, is sweating in the office.

Her job is to pour over all paperwork that makes the league tick: the forms for uniforms, user fees, registrations, and health information all start stacking up pretty fast.

Orders can get lost, fees can go unprocessed, and chaos ensues.

Luckily, Nancy made an accidental discovery.

Collecting payments through email

Ohio Galaxies has been using Email Marketing from Constant Contact since the beginning of 2010 to send messages to players, volunteers, parents, and club alumni.

When Nancy was drafting one of these emails, she noticed that the free Formstack app integrates with our email marketing software … and it promised to keep track of all the processed data at the same time.

“The Formstack app is very slick,” she says. “We put it in our email, so that players and parents just had to click a button, and it took them directly to the payment form.”

Initially, Ohio Galaxies used Formstack to more efficiently process player fees. It worked so well that the application quickly became a staple of the club’s emails.

Suddenly, Nancy didn’t have to run back and forth between the uniform coordinator and team treasurer to get the latest information – it was all right in the app.

“It used to be that we had to talk to each other before processing anything,” Nancy says. “This app took out a whole step of work,” Nancy explains. “Now, our treasurer receives a PayPal notification and I get one from Formstack, so we both immediately know who’s paid.”

Emails from Ohio Galaxies now directly link subscribers to easily managed forms via Formstack.

A unified solution for uniform orders

The other obstacle was ordering uniforms for players who had just joined a team or needed a replacement.

“Our uniform coordinator used to get a paper form that was sent in by the player. We couldn’t do it online before, because the treasurer didn’t have another form for the database,” Nancy says. “Now, when someone new joins the team, we can just tell them to go online and fill out the forms there.”

Formstack has drastically cut down the time staff spend coordinating with each other, so now they can instantly get the information they need.

“People always want to sell us packages to solve all the things we do in the league, they say, ‘oh, this will take care of everything,’” Nancy says. “But Constant Contact is great because you can actually customize the product to accomplish what you want, especially with the apps available in Marketplace.”

Interested in learning more about Formstack? Try it out