Small businesses and organizations like yours know better than most how daunting it is to monitor all the available marketing channels. And with the advent of social media marketing, there’s a whole new level of engagement needed to be an effective online marketer.

HootSuite has provided one of the best real-time monitoring solutions. Its dashboard makes responding to and interacting with customers, clients, members, supporters, and prospects on social media simple.

HootSuite Apps is the newest feature from the leader in social media monitoring. Now, from inside of HootSuite, you can add streams to monitor not only social media channels but many of your other business applications as well. Do you use Tumblr for your blog and want to know who’s commenting? It’s in there. Is Get Satisfaction your platform for an online community? It’s in there too.

And as of today, you can also monitor your Constant Contact Email Marketing campaigns in real-time in HootSuite. With the Constant Contact app, you can add your Constant Contact account to the available HootSuite streams and pick the campaign you want to track. You’ll see a summary of all the activity from opens to clicks to bounces, and also see a real-time stream of the new opens and clicks as they come in! Want to share a campaign via Twitter or Facebook during the day? Now you can use HootSuite’s scheduling features from these same campaigns to do just that.

It’s never been easier to get a simple, real-time view of all your online marketing channels. With the Constant Contact app in HootSuite, monitoring, responding to, and acting on your customers’ interactions is now just a couple clicks away.

For more information, or to get HootSuite, check out its listing in the Constant Contact MarketPlace.