This weekend, we’re at the National Restaurant Association Show 2012 in Chicago (if you’re around, come say hi to us at Booth #5927!) and wanted to celebrate by talking about online deals.

We know that most restaurants have thought about using some kind of online deal provider before.

After all, those coupons seem to be everywhere these days: on Facebook, on Twitter, in your inbox.

Then again, maybe you’ve heard the horror stories.

Grant Galuppi, the owner of Galuppi’s, a restaurant in Pompano Beach, Florida, didn’t have a dismal experience when he first tried hosting a deal last year. But, then again, it wasn’t stellar, either.

“We offered a 50% discount, but then had to share half of that with the deal provider,” Grant says. “So we wanted to find something else.”

The Deal, Round 2

Grant liked the idea of offering a 50% discount off the restaurant’s dishes, but he wanted a deal provider that offered him more control.

After all, Galuppi’s is a family-owned restaurant. The establishment has been open for eight years. Business is good, but paying too many additional fees for a deal can ultimately end up earning almost no revenue.

That’s when Grant found SaveLocal.

“Constant Contact had already been a huge part of our internet marketing,” he says. “When I heard about SaveLocal, it was a no-brainer.”

Galuppi’s offered customers a $15 coupon worth $30. Anyone who shared the deal with Facebook fans, tweeted it, or emailed it got another $5 off their next meal.

The Results

Since Grant hosted his second 50% discount through SaveLocal, he only had to pay $1 for each coupon sold.

After running the deal for just over two weeks, Galuppi’s sold a total of 214 coupons for $3210 in revenue, and expanded its new customer base by 36%.

While Grant’s previous deal provider would have charged $1605 for similar results, the restaurant only had to pay $214 through SaveLocal.

“There were a lot of people coming in to redeem it, it’s been a great experience,” he says.

Round 3…

Grant’s already planning his next deal.

“I don’t want to limit it to food and drinks,” he says. “I may just want to take it off the bill afterwards, or maybe offer a deal for specific meals.”

He adds that he wants to focus on promoting the offer more, too.

Although Galuppi’s alerted customers about the deal through email and texts, Grant wants to launch an organized approach that broadens his customer base.

Either way, Grant is decided: the next time he runs a deal, it’s going to be through SaveLocal.

Interested in learning more about SaveLocal? Visit the website for more information!