By far, the most commonly used event payment collection tool online is PayPal.

Love it or hate it, PayPal is here to stay and our Event Marketing tool has been using them for years.

Recently, Event Marketing decided to switch over to PayPal’s “Express Checkout” integration. Express Checkout gives event holders some nice features such as mobile friendly payments. However, it may require that you go into your PayPal account and take a second look at your settings, here’s why:

You’ll be responsible for adding taxes

In the past, PayPal users could set up their tax settings in their PayPal account and charge taxes for physical goods based on their state and what services they are selling. Under this new Express Checkout integration, PayPal will no longer calculate and charge taxes. This means that ultimately event marketing users will be responsible for adding any applicable taxes into the price of the item.

Neither Constant Contact nor PayPal will automatically calculate taxes on your behalf. This is pretty standard stuff. With the ever changing tax rules and policies, it would be impossible for large companies like CTCT or PayPal to maintain updated tax rules, so the user is now expected to charge taxes where applicable.

You can allow non-PayPal users to pay with “Guest Checkout”

Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need a PayPal account to buy something from a PayPal seller. Users can check out as a “guest” which just means that they don’t need to log in or sign up for PayPal. Moving forward, you as a PayPal seller can decide if you want to allow/disable “guest checkout.” We recommend keeping guest checkout turned on.

So, those are the possible PayPal changes you may want to keep in mind.

New options are also on the way

Now, with that said, we on the Event Marketing team here at Constant Contact have heard our users loud and clear around payment options. We will be adding some new, exciting event payment options in the summer months that we are sure you’ll love.

We are going to be adding the ability for our event holders to accept credit cards with some of the leading payment gateways, such as

Don’t have a payment gateway, don’t worry, we thought of you too!

We are excited to be partnering with ProPay, a leading online credit card processing service built for small businesses. ProPay is a merchant account and payment gateway all in one. ProPay is incredibly secure, easy to use, and offers very competitive rates.

Oh, and this is not just “marketing talk.” I own a small business (Backyard Tent Rental) in my spare time and I’ve been collecting credit cards with ProPay for some time now. I am thrilled with ProPay’s service and excited to integrate them into our event product.

ProPay will allow event holders to accept credit cards for event fees, send email invoices and collect event payments at the door with their “Jak,” mobile credit card reader for mobile or tablet devices. Visit ProPay for more info.

What should you do now?

For now, check your PayPal settings to make sure you have your tax and guest checkout info set to your liking.