People Spend More Time Microwaving a Potato than on Google+, and Other Hot Topics

If you’re having a baked potato for dinner (or breakfast, if you’re one of those people), then you know that microwaving it to perfection can take five minutes or more.

Well, if you’re an average user of Google+, you can log on and off while making your potato, and still have time to spare.

A new report says that people who use the social network generally spend less time on it than it takes to microwave a potato.

Meanwhile, Facebook is ramping up efforts to become a social media marketing powerhouse, with its introduction of Timeline for brand Pages, its offering of premium advertisements to marketers, and real-time analytics from Facebook Insights.

We discuss this and more in the week’s news roundup!

Visitors Spend 3 Minutes on Google+ Each Month

Comscore reports that the average user of Google+ spent three minutes each month (September to January) on the social network, compared to around six hours on Facebook over the same period.

Bottom Line: We’ve debated about Google+ ourselves, and it still seems wiser to stand on the sidelines than invest more time in another social network — particularly when Facebook offers a much more active, larger user base.

Facebook Introduces Premium Ads

It’s been a big week for Facebook. In addition to its introduction of Timeline for brand Pages, Facebook’s advertising efforts are now picking up steam: The social network is planning to launch premium ads very soon. These kinds of advertisements will essentially take active content from your Page and share it with the friends of your brand’s fans.

Bottom Line: Socialmediatoday calls the move “the rise of true social advertising,” because the ads make use of user-generated content. On Facebook, the best asset that marketers have is their fans, and premium ads will help them leverage that audience.

The Phone Is Our New TV

Mobile advertising network InMobi found that, among 20,000 consumers:

  • The average mobile web user consumes 7.2 hours of media daily
  • 27%  of this time is spent on the mobile web
  • 22% is spent watching TV
  • 32% is spent on the computer

The comfort level around different advertising channels — TV commercials, internet, mobile — is almost equal.

Bottom Line: As people spend more time looking at their phones than at the TV, marketers are going to have to think of how they can change strategies to accommodate mobile users. It may be as easy as thinking about social media — after all, social networks were found to be one of the most-often accessed sites on phones.

Facebook Gets Ready to Unroll Real-Time Insights

It’s happened to anyone with a Facebook Page. You think of something infinitely witty and engaging, take a deep breath, and post it. And then … you wait for about 48 hours to see how well it performed. Well, Facebook is planning to fix that problem by upgrading Facebook Insights in the near future. The changes will allow Page administrators to immediately see who is visiting, Liking, sharing, and commenting on each post.

Bottom Line: Being able to instantaneously record the impact of posts will enable social media marketers to gauge just how well each item of content does as soon as it’s published on their page. This could prove invaluable in honing strategies for a Page, and make it much easier to learn from the all-too-easy social media missteps.

Small Businesses Spend 26% of Marketing Budgets on Digital Media

Local Commerce Monitor BIA/KESLEY revealed that small businesses are quickly adapting to new trends in marketing. In fact, SMBs surveyed said that they planned on spending more than a quarter of their advertising budget on digital channels such as video, social media, and search engine marketing.

Bottom Line: The study found that SMBs also put an emphasis on “do-it-yourself” tools that help them market. Self-serve channels are a relatively new phenomenon, but marketing online, whether through social media or email marketing, gives businesses the freedom to connect with customers like never before.

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