Twitter is best-known as the social network with a 140-character limit.

And while that’s still its trademark, Twitter is becoming a much more visual network as well.

As a business owner using Twitter to make connections and build new relationships, it’s important to think beyond text-only updates.

This week, Twitter introduced a new way to help you do that, with new photo sharing features for all users.

Read about this top story and much more in this week’s marketing news roundup.

1. Twitter now lets you share up to four photos, and tag people in one tweet

Here’s an overview of Twitter’s new photo-sharing features:

  • Tag up to 10 people in a photo. Previously, users could only mention other users when sharing a photo;  tagging wasn’t an option.
  • Share up to four photos in a single tweet. Previously, users were limited to sharing a single image. With the latest update, Twitter will automatically create a collage with the photos you’re sharing and include it as a single URL within your tweet.

Bottom Line: These improvements come a week after Twitter announced new data, showing tweets with images generate 35 percent more retweets than text-only updates. It’s clear that Twitter is continuing its push to become an even more visual social network.

This is also the first time Twitter has used tagging as a way for users to interact on the social network.

Danielle Cormier, Community Manager for Constant Contact, shared her thoughts about the benefit of tagging:

“I think the greatest benefit of this recent Twitter update is the ability to tag so many people in a single tweet without it counting against your 140 character count. By tagging relevant people, you have the potential to boost engagement on tweeted photos significantly.”

2. Facebook reaches 1 billion active mobile users; 200 million on Instagram

Facebook released new data about its growth on mobile this week, announcing that it now has 1 billion active monthly mobile users.

Facebook also released data for Instagram, which the company purchased in April 2012. Since that time, Instagram has doubled its user base and now has 200 million active users.

Bottom Line: The growth of Facebook’s mobile usage has hardly been a secret over the last year. Mobile users surpassed those on PCs at the end of 2012, and these numbers have only continued to accelerate over time.

You may not realize this but, if you’re using Facebook for your business, you’re already leveraging a form of mobile marketing.

Get familiar with the experience people are having when interacting with your Facebook Page on mobile. There are simple changes you can make to improve your strategy and get more from your Facebook Page.

You can also use mobile to manage your own Facebook presence, which will save you time and help you stay connected with your fans on a regular basis.

3. Study: Photos make up most Facebook posts, but videos generate the most engagement

A new study from social analytics firm Quintly, found that images now make up 54 percent of content shared on Facebook.

Here is the breakdown of the most popular  types of content:

  • Photo: 54 percent
  • Link: 30 percent
  • Status: 11 percent
  • Video 3 percent

The study also looked at the average number of interactions that each piece of content receives, and found that videos receive the most engagement, with 2,183 interactions.

Here is the breakdown of the average interactions:

  • Video: 2,183
  • Photo: 1,358
  • Status: 648
  • Offer: 632

Bottom Line: Photos, videos, and other visual assets have always played an important role in any successful Facebook marketing strategy. These types of content don’t just catch people’s attention; they get people to act.

With growing competition in the news feed and constant changes to how Facebook displays your content, being able to reach your fans and get them to click, comment, like, or share is more important than ever before.

We recently compiled a number of helpful resources for using images on social media.

These resources will help you get started, or get more from the great work you’re already doing!

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