For some people, marketing is an art form.

They don’t just create newsletters or Facebook pages, they design them. They use their knack for style or fashion to reach new customers and promote their brand.

Hillary Tattersall, the woman behind Chick’s Picks by Hillary, in Sterling, VA, is one of those people.

“I’m a consultant for about 300 women who design cool products but aren’t exactly sure how they will sell,” Hillary explained. “Our business is a combination of special boutique events and online sales and we use our newsletter and social media to promote both.”

With over 5,200 email subscribers and 1,700 Facebook fans, she has built a community and designed success for her business by using a visual approach to email and social media marketing.

Here are four visual strategies that have helped Chick’s Picks design success:

1. Use pictures in your emails to generate more sales

When you open a newsletter from Chick’s Picks by Hillary, the first thing that you’re going to notice are the pictures.

“We load our newsletters with pictures of products from our website and events,” explained Hillary. “Our readers are primarily women who want to see the new and funky products that we’re going to be featuring, and are less interested in reading long articles.”

The pictures link directly to her retail website and typically generate $100 in online sales and drive attendance at boutique events, where attendees spend between $100 and $200.

2. Use customer photos to drive open rates

Chick’s Picks pictures don’t just show off their products, they show off their customers too.

Hillary uses what she calls the “People Magazine-mentality” to create buzz for her newsletters.

“People love to look at pictures of themselves or of other customers who have come to our events,” explained Hillary. “It’s that People Magazine mentality.”

But it’s more than that. Including pictures of her customers gets people excited to see Hillary’s emails in their inbox and has boosted open rates to over 34%.

3. Use visuals to promote your accomplishments

In 2009, Hillary was named one of Country Living Magazine’s Women Entrepreneurs of the Year. Since then, Chick’s Picks has had over 20 features in different lifestyle magazines, including EveryDay Magazine with Rachel Ray.

Hillary shows off that success by including pictures and cover screenshots from each of those features.

“It really validates your business and makes customers believe in your experience,” she explained. “People recognize those magazines and they understand what it means for us to have featured.”

Chick’s Picks has had over 20 features in lifestyle magazines like Country Living and EveryDay with Rachel Ray.

4. Use a visual social strategy to drive event attendance

Facebook has become an important resource for marketing Chick’s Picks boutique events.

Each day in the week leading up to the event, Hillary posts a different album on the Chick’s Picks Facebook Page with photos from the different designers featured at the event.

“It gives people a chance to get prepared for the events and show up knowing what they are looking for,” she explained. “You can tell it’s working when people show up and are asking you about products they saw online.”

Facebook gives Hillary a chance to show off more Chick’s Picks products leading up to events.

But it’s not just Facebook. On Pinterest, she mixes her personal and professional style. She features boards that give her followers a better look at who she is and what Chick’s Picks is all about.

Design your own success

You don’t have to have Hillary’s eye for fashion and design to be successful with using visuals as part of your marketing strategy. The key is to understand what works best for your business or organization. Figure out what types of visuals get your customers to engage and use them to drive action.

Does your business have a visual marketing strategy? Tell us in the comments below!