Pinterest users should be proud this week; your favorite social network is finally growing up.

Announced this week, Pinterest will now offer verified brand pages to businesses of all sizes and they’ve created some helpful resources to help you get started.

Plus, Facebook (believe it or not) has rolled out more new features to help get your content in front of your target audience, in the News Feed and on-the-go.

Read about these top stories and find out what’s in store for the future of email marketing in this week’s marketing news roundup.

1. Pinterest finally embraces brands with new tools for businesses

It’s official—businesses are now welcome on Pinterest. Announced this week, Pinterest has updated its terms of services and rolled out new features to let businesses get set up on the social network.

While thousands of companies have already flocked to Pinterest, it wasn’t until this announcement that Pinterest officially embraced brands and rolled out tools to help them capitalize on the site’s marketing potential.

In addition to business pages and new business features, Pinterest is providing brands with some helpful resources on how to use the site, including how-to guides and case studies. And if you’re already using Pinterest for your business, Pinterest is making it easy to convert to a business page.

Bottom Line: This is an important and much-needed step forward for Pinterest. Even without formal brand pages, Pinterest has generated big results for business owners—driving more referral traffic and revenue than either of its top social competitors.

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2. Facebook begins rolling out new, “Page only” news feed

Facebook announced this week that they have officially begun rolling out a brand new Page-only news feed to all Facebook users. The new Page feed, will allow users to see all of the content from pages they’re already fans of separate from all the stuff they see from friends, family, and colleagues.

Bottom Line: Depending on how many Facebook users utilize the new feed; this could either be monumental or inconsequential news for small businesses. If users embrace the new news feed, we could see a complete shift in the ways brands reach their target audience. Currently, the average News Feed story only reaches around 12% of your fans. A page-only feed will help boost that number for pages, but only if fans embrace it—we’ll have to wait and see.

3. Facebook adds share button to mobile

Facebook announced this week that it has finally added a share button to its mobile site and apps. Until now, Facebook users have not had the capability to share posts via their mobile devices, and have been limited to only likes and comments. Now, with the new share button, mobile users will be able to share stories with the entire Facebook public, just friends, or to certain lists of friends.

Facebook is also reportedly testing a new layout of its buttons on mobile, giving each of the three well-known buttons more visibility on mobile-devices.

Bottom Line: With over 60%of all Facebook users(600 million people) accessing Facebook via a mobile device, it’s crucial that Facebook lets people share stories from wherever they may be. This update won’t directly impact the way businesses manage their pages on Facebook, but could help generate more word-of-mouth from a more mobile fanbase.

4. Twitter gives Discover some much-needed improvements

Twitter gave its “Discover” feature some much-needed improvements this week, putting a new focus on rich media like photos and videos, and providing users with more context to its search results.

According to the official Twitter blog, there are three key improvements users need to be aware of:

  • View photos and videos first: People tell incredible stories on Twitter through photos and videos. When you search for a person, an event or a hashtag, you can now see a grid of the most relevant media above the stream of Tweets.
  • See headlines and photos: You can also see media instantly in your search results stream on iPhone and Android. Photos and article summaries automatically show previews to give you a bird’s eye view on what’s happening.
  • Understand context: About a year ago we launched tailored ranking of your search results, but until now you couldn’t see why a specific Tweet might matter more to you. Now you can see context like who favorited or retweeted right there in the Tweet.

Bottom Line: It’s no secret that Twitter isn’t always the easiest network for its users to navigate. Improvements to Twitter search will make it easy for your followers to discover your content, and should prove to be a helpful tool when using Twitter to curate content for your own marketing efforts.

5. [Infographic] What is the future of email marketing?

A new infographic from Lyris this week provides some interesting insights into the future of email marketing.

The infographic takes a deeper look at the current state of email marketing and based on historical data, provides some predictions for what businesses will need to keep in mind when using email marketing in the future. It also has the interesting stats about the growing influence of mobile marketing on email.

Most importantly, the infograpic includes some helpful best practices for the future of email marketing including:

  • Creating mobile versions of email and web pages
  • Offering promotions redeemable in-store via mobile
  • Embedding social media links in email
  • Leveraging social insights to drive email content

Check out all the best practices here.

Bottom Line: With the growing influence of social media and mobile marketing, plenty of people have had questions about the future of email marketing. But the fact is, social and mobile have opened up new opportunities for your email marketing and developing a strategy that combines all three will be essential as we move into the next generation of email.

Also, with email continuing to grow and spam volumes continuing to decrease, business owners and consumers have something to celebrate.

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