This month, Constant Contact is hosting a special online training event, The Power of Images: How to Drive Business with Visual Marketing on Instagram and Pinterest.

In preparation for the event, we’ve been taking some time to look at some of the questions we’ve received from our small business audience about visual platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.

When it comes to Pinterest, the one question we hear all the time is “My business doesn’t sell products, can Pinterest still work for me?”

While Pinterest has certainly proven to be a powerful platform for retail businesses — especially businesses that sell products online, it also offers unexpected benefits for other industries as well.

Here are some examples of how different industries can use Pinterest to engage their audience, drive traffic to their site, and bring in new sales:


A visual platform like Pinterest is perfect for travel marketing. Think about it: what motivates people to save up for their next big trip? They want to get away from their usual surrounding and see something new.

Give them a sneak preview of different destinations by creating location-based boards and pinning images of sites they can visit. You’ll pique their interest and allow them to imagine what their next trip will look like.

One of the most unique things about Pinterest is that 50 percent of visits happen 3.5 months after the first pinning so your travel photos will likely stay relevant for longer than they would on many other social media sites.

Take a look at the “Wedding at the Lynman Estate” board from Historic New England.


Pinterest has the potential to be a hub for teachers, parents, and students alike. Think of Pinterest as a virtual storage unit for your school.

For teachers, Pinterest could be a place to provide supplemental materials for students based on what they’re learning in the classroom. This will give visual learners more resources to work from and allow educators to offer additional sources and perspectives.

Teachers could also create a private board to share curriculum ideas. Increased collaboration within departments will build relationships within your school and provide a great opportunity for skill sharing.

Lastly, Pinterest can help you engage more with parents.  Create boards geared towards student projects, awards, and activities. They’ll love to see what’s going inside the classroom and feel more involved in their children’s education.

Real Estate

Much like tourism, the real estate industry relies heavily on people being able to envision themselves somewhere new.

While your agency might be on other social media sites already, an advantage of Pinterest is how easily it brings people back to your website. Think of Pinterest as a virtual catalog where visitors can find and browse properties before they contact you directly.

Create boards for different towns or parts of a town where you have listings. This can become a resource for current and future clients so they have a better understanding of the market and what’s out there.

There is also a great opportunity to show prospective clients how happy your past customers are in their new homes.  Ask customers to write a quick blurb about why they love their new home and how you helped them get there, then pin these testimonials to a designated board along with a picture of their home.

Here’s what the “Home Sellers” board from PropertyMinder Inc. looks like:


Health and beauty is one of the more popular genres on Pinterest. Additionally, Pinterest is often used as a visual search engine where users look for answers and advice.

So if your office provides health and wellness tips on Pinterest, you have the opportunity to build trust with your audience and show off your expertise.

You can not only create boards full of tips for how to deal with certain medical conditions, but you can also give general tips and tricks for living a healthy lifestyle.  This allows doctors to be involved in the lives of their patients outside the office and promote healthy living.


No matter what the mission of your nonprofit is Pinterest can help you promote your cause and inspire others to get involved.

Use the photos you have from past events and volunteer opportunities to show your organization in action. Pin these photos to different boards and tell a story that goes along with it in the caption. Lastly, make sure you link back to your website or a donation page.

Remember that nonprofits have an advantage because a lot of the work that you do has an emotional appeal. Utilize Pinterest to show people what you are doing and give them tips for how they can make a difference.

Here’s an example from The Pajama Program, which provides new pajamas and books to children in need nationwide.

Get Started

Hopefully these examples gave you some inspiration for your business or organization. If you’re ready to give Pinterest a try, here’s a step-by-step approach to getting started today.

We’re holding two sessions of The Power of Images: How to Drive Business with Visual Marketing on Instagram and Pinterest at the end of this month.

June 25th 1:00 – 2:30pm ET

June 30th 1:00 – 2:30pm ET

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