Having trouble turning all that social media activity into more sales?

Then maybe Pinterest can help.

A new study found that Pinterest users are more likely to buy than their social peers on Facebook and Twitter and they’re spending twice as much.

Plus, Facebook is trying to give you a reason to smile … and say cheese. These stories and more in this week’s news roundup.

1. Pinterest referrals are driving online sales

E-commerce site Shopify, has found that Pinterest is seeing big results when it comes to driving sales from online referrals. The study, which analyzed data from 25,000 online stores, found that buyers referred from Pinterest are 10% more likely to buy than those referred from other sites and spend twice as much as Facebook and Twitter referrals.

Bottom Line: This is not only a good sign for the value of Pinterest, but for all of the major social media networks. Businesses have had a tough time measuring the return on their social media investment and these findings, at least for retail businesses, show that social media is helping to drive sales.

2. Facebook Camera ladies and gentleman….

Less than a month after their $1 billion acquisition of popular photo-sharing app Instagram, Facebook announced this week that they are getting into the photo business. The new Facebook Camera app lets users take, organize, and share photos right from their smart phones. They can also browse their friend’s photos in a new photo-only newsfeed.

Bottom Line: While it’s impossible to ignore the comparisons between Facebook Camera and Instagram, it’s obvious that Facebook was working on this app long before the acquisition. After rolling out their Page Manager app last week and now this, Facebook is continuing their push to provide a mobile experience to better fit the lives of their users. Also more reason to share pictures on your Facebook Page.

3. New survey shows just how much the media landscape is changing

How do you get your news? According the 2012 Social Media News Survey Report, there’s a good chance the answer is either Facebook or Twitter. The survey found that 90% of people use Facebook as their primary news source and 70% are using Twitter. But the survey also found that social media has helped drive traffic to major news sites, as 75% of respondents said they frequently visit the news site after seeing a story on social.

Bottom Line: The change in the media landscape is presenting big opportunities for small business.  News outlets are getting more and more social, which means it’s getting easier to get your business in front of reporters. Learn how you can generate more publicity in just minutes a day.

4. The first presidential tweet chat

This week, America’s most social president became the first president to respond to questions on Twitter. On Thursday, users were given 40 minutes notice that the president would be answering their tweets using the hashtag, #WHChat. The president answered 7 questions and the chat lasted just 21 minutes.

Bottom Line: Tweet chats are a great way for small businesses and organizations to connect with the people in their industry and start conversations with their peers. It’s also an opportunity to get your questions answered and to position yourself as an industry resource. But it’s important to be prepared.

5. LinkedIn and blog content are top priorities for B2Bs

LinkedIn and blog content are big priorities for B2Bs, this according to a new survey from BtoB Magazine, which found that 30% of B2Bs consider having a presence on LinkedIn as a top priority, and 20% said that blog content was in their marketing plans.

Bottom Line: If you are a business or professional working in the B2B sector, LinkedIn may be for you. It is not only an effective resource for networking within your industry, but is a site where potential employers or customers will be looking to learn more about you and your professional experience. In addition, blog content is great way to demonstrate your professional expertise.

What news topics caught your eye this week? Let us know below!