3 Ways to Drive Holiday Sales with Pinterest

If you want to get your products in front of shoppers this holiday season on social media, you should be using Pinterest.

The social network is a huge influence for holiday shoppers.

But how can you tap into the shopping mindset of Pinterest users?

Use your content to drive them to your store or website to purchase the perfect gift. Here’s how:

1. Create “gift idea” boards

Everyone has at least one person on their list that’s hard to shop for, and shoppers are turning to the Internet for ideas. Do the work for them by creating boards with gift ideas based on gender, age, and interests. T-shirt retailer Sharp Shirter has a few of these Pinterest boards that they created for men and women.

Sharp Shirter Pinterest Board

2. Show pinners how others are using your products

Another way to help shoppers is to inspire their creativity by showing them what other customers are doing with your products. M&M Wintergreens, a wholesale greenery company, shows off the creativity of their landscaper and garden center clients with their “Creations shared by Customers” board.

M&M Wintergreens Customers

3. Use rich pins to share pricing and availability

Did you know that Pinterest can automatically post details like prices and product availability for an item that’s pinned? This is called a rich pin.

Pinterest Rich Pin Necklaces

There are four types of rich pins:

  • Product pins, which include prices, product availability, and where you can purchase a product.
  • Article pins, which display a headline, byline, and story description of an article or blog post.
  • Recipe pins, which show ingredients and cooking instructions.
  • Movie pins, which post ratings, cast members, and reviews.

If you’re selling products, rich pins are a must for the holiday season because they give Pinterest users all the information they need. And, if there’s a price change for an item that a Pinterest user pinned to their boards, the pinner will get an email that tells them the item is on sale.

Pinterest Price Change Email

To start using rich pins, you’ll need to follow Pinterest’s instructions, and add some coding on your website.

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