Planning a special event? You probably already know that EventSpot makes managing events easy, whether it’s a fundraiser, online meeting, tradeshow, or webinar. Now new promotional code features and functionality make it even easier to use EventSpot, our dynamic online event management tool. As a member of the EventSpot team, I’m excited about our latest updates.

Now through EventSpot, your customers will be able to type in special “access codes” and in a few short weeks “discount codes” for the events that you hold, helping to attract more attendees to your special occasions. Promotional codes are a great way to entice new customers and reward loyal ones.

Here are the differences between the types of EventSpot promotional codes:

Access Codes: Do you want to provide special access to VIPs or premium members? Use an access code that people can enter on your registration form to reveal exclusive event fees and benefits. For example, if the entrance fee is $100 for the general public and $50 for members, the lower fee option will be hidden behind an access code that is shared only with members or VIPs.

Discount Codes: Who doesn’t like to save money? Discount codes give a percent or dollar amount off of a purchase. Discount codes can apply a discount to event registrants’ fees or entire order. Offering a discount is a great way to put last-minute attendees in seats, or incentivize customers to register early for your event.

Do more with promotional codes

Customize for your needs by mixing and matching with our special features:

  • Create administrative codes: Create unique fees and codes for the event. This allows you, as the administrator, to privately arrange special deals or register people for free.
  • Create private events: Make your event “private” by requiring an access code upon registration. Think of this as a password-protected event. You can easily create a private event by asking all registrants to enter a code in order to register. This is a nice solution for member-only events, private parties, or any other event that you want to remain exclusive.
  • Track affiliates/event promoters: Use discount codes to track event affiliates and resellers. For example, a Boston wine festival deploys local wine retailers, such as Andover Liquors, to sell event passes. The festival organizers use discount codes to track registration sources, and to give their resellers compensation or an affiliate fee. Shoppers at Andover Liquors receive a discounted event fee by simply entering the discount code “Andover123,” for the wine event. It’s a benefit for both vendors and consumers. Shoppers get rewarded by receiving special pricing for the wine event. Andover Liquors attracts more shoppers—and gets a nice finder’s fee from the wine festival. And the wine festival gets a new promotion channel. Everyone is happy!

The bottom line: EventSpot Promotional Codes are a great way to take your special occasion to the next level. We’d love to hear other tips or advice you have around promotional codes.

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