Webinar, online meeting, online event, whatever you call it, you want to do it right.

In order to help you improve, we set up a 30 day plan to run a successful webinar. A webinar that engages, entertains, educates, and motivates attendees to act.

We recently broadcasted a webinar on webinars and here are three questions attendees needed answered.

1. “I want to do a webinar, but I don’t know what to cover. What topics are best suited for webinars?”

I’m so glad to have this question because it’s important to note that not all topics are good for the webinar format. Definitely stay away from extremely heavy data or general information. People are looking for prescriptive content with tangible takeaways. For webinar topics, focus on concepts and higher thinking. It’s a fabulous format to explore individual techniques and how-tos. Being specific is so important because you want the audience to leave with the feeling that they learned something because that’s their motivation for attending.

2. “When is the best time to host a webinar?”

The date and time are the number one reason people are unable to attend an event. You want the date to be convenient for the majority of your audience, which doesn’t always mean it’s convenient for you. For example, I recently did a webinar for our customers in the UK, which means I broadcasted at 7am. I’ll be honest, I am not a morning person so this time was not ideal for me, but it was what works best for the audience. Typically, you do not want to bother broadcasting Monday morning or Friday afternoon. Monday mornings everyone is trying to catch up, and Friday’s people are rushing out of the door. If you are broadcasting in the US and have a nationwide audience, keep the time zones in mind. I recommend 11am, 2pm, 3pm, and 4pm EDT. The best time to broadcast varies from audience to audience. If you aren’t sure what your audience wants, send an online survey and see what works best for them.

3. “We send out a webinar invite, and post it to our website and our Facebook Page so we get pretty good registration numbers, but we see less than half of people come. How can we increase the show rate?”

The fact that you see a big registration numbers is great! A lot of registrants means people like your topic and are interested in attending. But in this day and age, your webinar is competing with a lot of distractions … emails, meetings, projects, laziness, etc. Amidst all that competition, chances are they may forget. Luckily, this can be easily solved. Send reminders! I think sending three reminders is a good balance. Try one week before, one day before, and one hour before the webinar. By reminding your registrants, you will see less attrition and more attendance for your broadcast.

We love hosting these live webinars so we can answer the questions that matter to you! If you missed yesterday’s live session, view it here.