When trying to find new leads as a real estate agent, it can feel like you’ve tried everything from advertising to word of mouth. But what if you could share your knowledge about real estate through a blog to reach larger audiences? What if you found real estate blog ideas to convert readers into leads? 

Many real estate agents now turn to blogs to reach more people and nurture potential customers into clients. Its cost-effective and time-saving qualities make blogging a perfect way to bring in leads, even while you sleep.

‌Though blogging is a proven way to gain awareness and convert readers into leads, the practice remains largely untapped in the real estate industry. 

So how exactly can you start blogging if you’re not sure how to start or what to write about? Tap into your expertise with these six real estate blog ideas. But before we dive in, let’s talk about some general blogging tips.

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Real estate blog tips

When posting on your blog, there are a few best practices you’ll want to follow before hitting the “publish” button. First, make sure you identify the goal of your blog and set expectations. For each blog idea, ask yourself who your target audience is and write with them in mind.

Next, think of how many views you want to get per month. Set goals for views, reads, and social shares, and check the stats at the end of the month. In each blog post, add a call to action (CTA) button. This could mean asking them to sign up for your newsletter or get in touch now. This will help you convert those readers into leads.

Though blogging centers on providing valuable content, you’ll need to ensure that it’s visible to your readers. Optimizing your content for search engines will give it the best possible chance at being found, shared, and ranked in top search results. Here are some ways you can make your blog content stand out:

Plan out your content ahead of time

‌Content planning is a strategy used by marketers to ensure the consistent output of valuable content to attract leads. To prepare your content, start by looking at the month ahead — important holidays and upcoming events — and create a list of content that needs to be made.

Ideally, you should post a blog once or twice per week. Give each month’s blog posts an estimated publish date and create a workflow to ensure writing, editing, and formatting are all finished by pre-set deadlines.

Make a list of real estate blog ideas you would like to publish in the next three to six months. Then, organize them by priority or theme, like home improvements, price trends, and more.

Use local SEO

‌Though writing blog posts about general topics is excellent for teaching new audiences about your work, tapping into your community’s specific searches is more likely to attract highly qualified leads. For instance, if you’re a west coast realtor, focus on people who are most likely to buy in the neighborhoods where you sell and find out what information they’re craving.

Although people outside of your community could be searching for homes in your area, target your local audience by featuring topics with your city’s name in them. If you’re providing valuable information that people want, they’ll continually find your company’s blog.

Promote your blog

‌When starting a blog, it will take some time to build up traffic and loyal readers. To get visits while you start, promote your blog on your social media channels. Share blog posts you think your audience would find valuable. If the posts are shareable, they’ll reach more people and introduce your blog — and your business — to new audiences.

Start a newsletter

Keep readers engaged by sending out a weekly newsletter. You can incorporate your real estate blog ideas into your current email marketing strategy by including a short introduction to a blog post and adding a “read more” CTA that leads back to the article on your website.

Create separate email campaigns for potential leads, existing clients, and those who have already bought a home with you. Each of these groups will have different needs and interests that you can address with varying types of content.

Real estate blog ideas

Now that you’ve learned about running and promoting a real estate blog, it’s time to start brainstorming what to write about. Let’s go through some blog post ideas that your readers will love.

1. Neighborhood guides

webpage showing neighborhood guide
Neighborhood guides give readers a glimpse into life from a local’s perspective, enticing them to become a local by buying a home.

‌Nothing convinces buyers to get that dream house more than giving them a picture of what their life could look like there. From up-and-coming areas to the best coffee shops, top-rated restaurants, parks, and more, giving potential buyers a guide can make or break how readers feel about a place. 

At the end of your post, include links to homes currently for sale in that neighborhood and a call to action to get in touch or sign up for your newsletter.

2. Preparing your house for sale

‌While catering to first-time homeowners is excellent, plenty of buyers are also selling their current homes. Consider writing a blog post about how to prepare a house for sale.

You can explain the differences sellers see before and after preparing their homes properly. Do they sell their home faster? Does it sell for a higher value? Next, talk about all the steps they can take to make that difference when their home is on the market.

website blog post on trends
Writing about trends for the upcoming year, as Norada Real Estate Investments does here, can get you ranking on Google and reaching large audiences.

3. Housing trends

‌Think about the industry facts you tell friends when you’re out to dinner. What’s something you know about the housing market that others don’t? Share what trends you see in real estate.

Consider sharing some context on factors that are driving changes in the industry. Next, go through how that affects the market and how readers could benefit from understanding those changes.

4. Top industries hiring in your city

Get in front of those out-of-towners by writing content on the topics they’re most interested in. Not everyone knows what your city or area is about. Share information about what type of job they could expect to get if they move there.

These types of real estate blog ideas are insider scoops that will help boost a reader’s confidence about an area of interest. Since you’re the one offering insights into the area, you’ll also grow to be a trusted source and possibly their trusted real estate agent.

5. For sale by owner tips

agent website showing YouTube video on Tips for sale by owners
This St. Augustine real estate agent wrote a blog on for sale by owner tips, including a video. Now it ranks on the first page of Google.

One of the age-old tricks for business blogging is explaining in detail how to do something yourself and then offering a simpler solution. In this case, you can go into how readers can sell their own homes and why a real estate agent can take care of a lot of the hard work for them.

At the end of the post, offer to be the agent who does it for them. End by including a way to get in touch with you.

6. Top decorators, designers, and contractors

‌Share your professional contacts with potential clients. If you recommend capable professionals they potentially need — such as interior designers, carpenters, or cleaning services — they’ll trust your expertise on other things, too. And, when they’re ready to buy or sell they’ll be more likely to reach out to the agent they already trust.

TIP: Look into guest blogging for websites related to real estate or your local area. And include links in your article that send readers back to your website for additional, or more in-depth, information.

Start experimenting

Starting a real estate blog can seem daunting, but now that you know to implement local SEO, plan your content, and use email marketing, you can start blogging for your business confidently.

Start by committing to posting your real estate blog ideas consistently, especially in the first one to three months. Experiment with a single topic or theme. For example, if you’ve recently been working with buyers who are flipping houses, use the opportunity to write valuable content about it.

From there, you can optimize performance for both content and keywords. You can also track what’s been working to attract reader attention and what hasn’t. Finally, make a new monthly plan and set new goals. Over time, you’ll see how your numbers rise and new leads start to come in.