No one knows more about the great work you do as a real estate professional than the people who have worked directly with you. That’s why you shouldn’t overlook the practice of writing a real estate letter to past clients to drum up new listings. 

It doesn’t take long in the industry to know that most people buy more than one property in their lifetimes. It can take just a couple of years (or less) before people are ready for a new version of their dream house or an upgrade to their current business location.

What’s more, your clients who appreciated the extra effort you put into their real estate search and closing also have friends, family, and business associates who are in the same situation. Marketing to past real estate clients will help you stay top-of-mind when they’re asked for recommendations.

While so much of modern communication is short and sweet, your message to past clients needs to be more than a simple emoji. It’s an opportunity to highlight concrete reasons why it’s a smart move to reconnect. Let’s take a closer look at what that means.

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Personalize the message

Before anything else, you may need to remind your past clients about their experience with you. The more personalized the message, the more likely the recipients will take it seriously. 

Personalization is more than just using the first name of the recipient. It’s a marketing strategy that demands data collection and organization, allowing you to directly target your clients. 

It’s important to segment your email list. This means grouping your past clients with intention. For example, distinguishing client groups according to price points helps you to communicate effectively to the right people about specific properties as they come available. 

If your agency works with people who are looking to avoid fees, use that knowledge when you personalize your real estate letter to past clients. Image source: Ohio Real Estate Guys.

By creating personalized messaging through email segmentation, you’ll avoid sending information that won’t interest your client — a mistake that could make them less likely to want to work with you in the future.

Focus on the value you bring

The National Association of Realtors surveyed homebuyers in 2021 and found that 43% of people start their buying process with a web search. As a real estate agent, you know how successful that is in this market: It’s not! 

Many properties are on the market now for a day or two before they’re under contract. That means the homes and buildings people are looking at online are either already gone or likely aren’t a good buy because they’re still available. Your professional expertise can save these people a lot of time and energy — so make sure your real estate letter to past clients includes a focus on how you can help.

You have important insights into the market that buyers don’t. When you provide helpful advice for free, you are forging a meaningful relationship. If you ask for business without providing value first, you won’t be viewed with the same respect. 

Blogs are an effective way of sharing your professional knowledge. Share blogs with past clients as a way to stay connected. Image source: Keller Williams Gainesville Realty Partners.

Leverage the power of social media

Another good idea when reaching out to past clients is to include social media in creative ways. Yes, social media can take a lot of time — time that you’re already short on — so start by focusing on just one platform. Many real estate agents use either a Facebook Business page or an Instagram account to highlight listings and share tips. 

The more you’re able to connect through tags, photos, and links to your clients, the better. Ask for testimonials and then share them through your social pages. These reviews are also great to include in your real estate letter to past clients. 

Invite them to client appreciation events

Real estate past client marketing is really about strengthening relationships that you’ve already created, so make sure everything you send is filled with gratitude. A great way to show client appreciation is by hosting small get-togethers, and your letter can serve as an invitation.

If your real estate practice is specialized in a certain geographic area, then you’ll likely know all the best places to go. Share your knowledge with past clients by inviting them for a happy hour at one of your favorite breweries or wine bars. Invite them to participate in a fundraiser for one of the community’s best nonprofits. Host an open house at your office during the holidays

Create an incentive for your past clients to not only attend your events but also to bring a friend. Have raffles upon entry or discounts for local cafes or other businesses that want to partner with you. With email segmentation, you can organize events like these throughout your area.

Try this script

Let’s say one of your email segments contains a group of past clients who purchased a home with your help in the last couple of years. Perhaps this script will inspire you:

Hello, John!

It’s been a little while since I helped you sign all those papers at the closing for your new home, so I wanted to check in to see how everything is. I hope you’ve finally unpacked all the boxes and settled into the home that’s just perfect for you.

Although most real estate agents end their relationship when the “sold” sign is taken off the lawn, that’s not how I work. I hope I can continue to help you feel comfortable in your home and neighborhood for years to come. Consider me a resource and at your service whenever you have questions about our community. You can even connect with me on Facebook.

For example, have you checked out Sweet Stuff Café on Main Street? It’s my favorite locally owned coffee shop, and I’d like to invite you for a cup of coffee on me. I’ll be hosting a small get-together on Thursday, Dec. 10, from 1 to 3 p.m. Bring a friend, and I’ll buy you both one of Sweet Stuff’s famous danishes, too!

Also, if your situation has changed, don’t hesitate to reach out. The real estate market has never been better for people who are ready to sell, and you know from our past experience that I’ll do everything I can to help you reach your goals. 

Wishing you well, 

Suzy Greenberg

P.S. Sweet Stuff Café isn’t my only favorite business in town. Just as a token of thanks for your trust, click the link below to be taken to a list that includes the name and contact information of my preferred automotive mechanic, cleaning agencies, and other service providers that may be helpful to you. Please let me know if I’ve missed a good one!

Don’t forget photos! No matter where you live, good visuals will help connect you to your past clients. Image source: New Mexico Real Estate Group.

Be consistent

When sending letters to past clients, it’s important to reach out regularly. That way, they’ll remember you when the time comes for real estate help. Set a reminder on your phone or calendar to send an email on a regular basis. By personalizing the message and being creative with ways to show your appreciation for past clients, you can set yourself apart from the competition and get more listings. Start the process by choosing an email marketing platform that has ready-made templates. Once you’ve chosen the look of the newsletter, you can get started with creating valuable and interesting letters to send to your past clients.