Real estate has always been a busy profession. As real estate agents continue to power on and do business during a highly unusual and uncertain year, their role has become more important than ever — and no less busy.

Those who we’ve spoken to from the real estate industry have expressed a need to find and connect with new clients, engage with existing clients, and conduct inspections and property tours, all on top of the added need for virtual tours, and the implementation of new state regulations such as safe social distancing measures. 

So, how can real estate professionals survive — and even thrive —  during a time like this? 

Hear from Real Estate Agents — just like you — in our Real Estate Power Hour

Our focus is on helping small businesses be successful online. That’s why we recently held a Power Hour for Real Estate, bringing together industry professionals with our marketing experts to chat about how they have been able to power on this year.

While we have the marketing expertise to help you get online and find new leads, we recognize that in times like this sometimes there’s nothing more helpful than hearing directly from your peers.

In this recorded panel discussion, you’ll hear how three Constant Contact customers in the real estate industry have adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our panel of real-world industry professionals will discuss:

  • How COVID-19 has impacted their business
  • The changes they have made to their online presence 
  • Trends in the real estate industry for 2020
  • Different communicative strategies to maintain relationships with their customers

3 must-see tips from our Real Estate Power Hour

1. Reach out proactively to maintain relationships with clients (and potential clients!)

Amy, a residential real estate agent in Concord, MA, described her business as slow during the initial peak of the pandemic, back in March and April. However, she made it apparent to her sphere that she cared about their well-being and safety by checking in on a personal level, temporarily pushing real estate talk aside.

Then in May, Amy’s phone was ringing off the hook, as buyers started to become more comfortable with the new situation and were interested in taking advantage of the new low interest rates.

The moral of the story? Staying in contact with your subscribers who might not be ready to act ensures you’re top-of-mind when they are ready to take action. Sometimes you make the sale when you aren’t selling.

2. Understand that your clients’ preferences might have changed

Considering working from home is becoming increasingly common, buyers in the Boston area have been more inclined to move out of the city and find more room for themselves to adopt a new lifestyle at home. Because of these shifts of interests in the Boston area, Melony has seen a few changes such as apartment dwellers moving to condos to get away from neighbors, people moving to the suburbs in search of bigger yards to enjoy some fresh air, and even those who are looking for a bigger home to make a home office.

Overall, keep in mind that clients may have different needs due to the ongoing pandemic, and try to remain ready to adapt to these changes.

3. Meet your customers where they are

When it comes to staying in contact with your customers, it’s important to know where they are.

For Melony, that has led to an increase in social media marketing. Her company has done live interviews on Instagram and Facebook with guests ranging from interior designers to state attorneys to provide valuable content on how to rework one’s space to make it more useful. She has also taken advantage of how open and vulnerable social media allows people to be while working on connections with prospective and current clients alike.

Amy has been utilizing video conferencing tools, such as Zoom and FaceTime, to allow customers who are long-distance to view a house even from across the country. 

During this time, make it as easy as possible for both buyers and sellers to get in contact with you and take advantage of your listings even from a distance.

Meet our panelists

Melony Swasey

Residential Agent at Sotheby’s/Good Boston Living in Jamaica Plain, MA

Amy Balewciz

Real Estate Agent at Keller Williams in Concord, MA

Marianne Wronka

Executive Vice President of Wronka, Ltd. in Woburn, MA

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