Franchisees often struggle to find the time and the money to market, especially at start-up when owners are working day and night to keep the doors open and make payroll. They shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel to do their own marketing.

For franchisors, brand recognition and marketing are especially critical due to the sheer scale of the operation. Well-respected brands can drive business for hundreds of restaurants, while damage to a brand will do the opposite. Franchise marketing is also complex since the effort is shared between corporate and franchisees.

So if restaurant franchise marketing is both critical and complex, marketing efforts and platforms must respond by managing complexity while delivering measurable results.

Online marketing tools offer easy-to-use, affordable solutions for both corporate-level and franchisee marketing.

To ensure the success of every location, franchisors need to consider a high-ROI online marketing platform that offers:

Easy, self-service tools for local marketing

Since franchisors are rarely equipped to offer individual support to each franchisee, they need to empower potentially hundreds of franchisees with an intuitive, self-service marketing solution, especially for first-time marketers. Franchisees must be able to market locally within a strong brand identity, and evaluate and improve ongoing efforts.

Brand control

Choose a system that allows you to create templates for any marketing that franchisees will carry out, such as emails for customer birthdays, new menu items, events, or specials. Make sure you can lock down branded sections while providing franchisees customizable sections for local information.

Social media integration

Built-in social media sharing lets you and your franchisees easily share communications across social sites. Make it easy for customers to share emails and coupons on their social platforms.

Administration portal

Your franchise should be able to track success at both the local and network level through an easy-to-use dashboard.


Your online marketing vendor should also be able to provide expert technical and marketing support and services directly to anyone in the network who needs guidance.

Share the work, share the wealth

The franchise model works well because it’s built on shared effort and standardized best practices. Marketing is no different. Busy franchisees rely on franchisors to make marketing easy.

But with brand consistency top of mind, franchisors are sometimes hesitant to hand over marketing control. A strong marketing solution lets you keep the brand strong across all outlets, balance marketing efforts between central and local, and track locally executed marketing at the corporate level.

A solid integrated online marketing platform will let franchisees carry out high ROI marketing, engage customers in every local area, and drive revenue across the company.

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