We recently asked our Facebook fans what they really need help with when it comes to email marketing.

Now the results are in!

Let’s take a look at your top email marketing frustrations, and hopefully make them a little less annoying.

1. Creating a custom email template is a pain.

You have two good options to help solve this one:

  1. Pick a plain template to start with. Constant Contact has almost 400 templates to choose from. The best plain template options are in the “Basic pack” under template “Type.” Just pick the layout with the number of columns you want (you can make any template as long as you want). Then you can start customizing colors and formatting, as well as what type of content you want in each block. Once you have the template just how you want it, you’re set up for good. Use the “Copy” feature to begin with that template every time you create an email.
  2. Have us create your custom template. Our talented designers will take your layout and design ideas, create a unique template that reflects your business or organization, and add it right into your account for regular use.

2. How the heck can I link to additional email content?

It’s great to hear this is something you are doing (or trying to do).

Making your email an introduction of what you want to share, and then linking to additional content is smart for a couple reasons:

  1. First, it keeps your email short so more people will actually read it.
  2. Second, it makes your email reporting more robust. Now you will be able to see in your reports not just that someone opened your email, but also what topics your audience is interested in from your click-through data.
  3. Even better, this is easy to do! You can upload PDF documents into your Constant Contact library (same place you upload images). Then, while you are in the email, use your “Insert” menu to insert a “Document.”

3. Get on my contact list already!

Probably the most common question I hear from small businesses and nonprofits was submitted by Facebook fan Valencia Scott: “What’s the best way to get more people added to my list?”

There are lots of ways to do this. Here are a few helpful resources to get you growing quickly — and they’re all free:

  1. Use a Facebook app to include a sign-up option on your Facebook Page
  2. Use the WordPress app to let people sign up on your WordPress blog
  3. Use this email signature app to include a sign-up link in the email signature for your Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or AOL email.
  4. Check out a free list building guide
  5. Attend a free list building webinar

4. Good email content is hard to come by.

No surprise, time starved small businesses and nonprofits need help with writing good email content. Here are a couple good resources to help you out:

  1. Check out a free content guide with tips for creating good content
  2. Find a local content/copywriting pro to help you

Does your biggest email marketing need for help fall in line with our Facebook fan participants? We want to know! Share your thoughts on our Facebook Page or add your comment below.