You’ve most likely seen those famous Pink Cadillacs in your community.

They’re the coveted prize for being a top independent consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics and one of the primary reasons their direct selling firm, started in 1963, is now the sixth largest in the world. Their motivated team of thousands of representatives drives revenues of $3.1 billion annually.

How motivated is your team? 

Based on my review of several research studies, at least half of your team members are looking for another job on your dime because they aren’t engaged. Many employees say they feel trapped and admit they’re uncommitted to their current employer. Your business could be so much more successful if you could engage your entire team and get them excited about your company’s prospects. Here’s how.

Be the company people want to work for

Start by making sure your company’s work environment is positive and gives employees what they value most.

  • Make it fun.
  • Make it creative.
  • Make it flexible.
  • Make it rewarding.
  • Make it empowering.

Recognition — A little goes a long way

Most people desire recognition for a job well done and many are willing to work for less money to be part of an organization that gives them an opportunity to excel and grow. A study, conducted by the Gallup organization, found that employee recognition was one of the twelve key dimensions of a great workplace. Harvard Business Review reported that the use of rewards was the single highest predictor of organizational results.

Recognition can be a powerful management tool. If you spend more time recognizing the good things employees do and less time on the bad, you’ll most likely receive more good behavior from your employees because you reward it.

Employee recognition programs don’t have to be formalized or expensive. Some companies use spot rewards, like a Starbucks gift card or a pair of movie tickets, to incentivize employees. You might consider implementing an Employee of the Month program with special perks. Even something as simple as a pat on the back or a bouquet of balloons can go a long way when it comes to motivating employees and increasing loyalty.

Create your own Pink Cadillac

A motivated team that’s happy to come to work because they feel recognized goes a long way. You might not have a Pink Cadillac to giveaway but then again, you might not need one. A small gift or pat on the back is just as powerful.

Find your Pink Cadillac and watch your company prosper and grow.

In what ways do you incentivize your employees? Share your tips in the comments below.

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