Barbara Haupt and Elissa Leif of MiniMatters

Elissa Leif and Barbara Haupt knew that in order to continue to grow MiniMatters, their web video production and marketing company, they had to squeeze more effectiveness from their own marketing and sales process.

They had hit an important growth speed bump – as they got busier with client work, how could they maintain good follow-up with their growing prospect list?

Barbara and Elissa had a good practice of taking in and tracking new leads. But as their business expanded, with more prospects and more pending proposals, they could no longer rely on their calendar and reminder systems. They needed a formal customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Saving tedious administrative time

But having a new CRM system meant more administration. “I got to the point where I dreaded coming back from a successful networking function,” noted Elissa, who now needed to input each contact in two places: their CRM and email marketing systems.

She started searching for a solution and found SyncApps® by Cazoomi, an easy to use application that seamlessly synchronizes the data (including opt-outs) between Constant Contact and the major CRM products. After following the instructions to set up a sync profile, she could enter contact data once in the CRM, along with any notes and useful tagging for further follow-up. And being cloud-based, both she and Barbara could share the task without fear of double entry or over-writing.

Targeted mailings for sales results

They also realized their email marketing could do a better job of nurturing their sales process. Barbara and Elissa had been sending out regular newsletters, but were sending out the same newsletter at the same time to all contacts on their list. SyncApps for Constant Contact enabled them to segment their mailing list and to classify prospects and current customers. With their more tailored lists, they sent out their first segmented mailing to announce their new video marketing blog.

MiniMatters closed the email to hot prospects with the simple call to action “Let’s talk about your upcoming projects.” Even this simple change had immediate impact. Within hours of their first mailing, they received a call from a prospect who wanted to talk that very day about having MiniMatters produce a video.

How can you save time and send more targeted emails?

Find out which CRM products are supported by SyncApps for Constant Contact. Then you can start nurturing your customers and leads with the right message delivered at the right time.

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