How to Schedule Your Facebook Page Posts Ahead of Time

Like all small business owners, you’re busy.

Which means finding the time to get on Facebook to update your Page can often fall by the wayside.

And sporadic posting isn’t exactly the best way to go, especially when you’re trying to execute a promotional plan during an even busier time of year, like the holiday shopping season.

But here’s some good news!

Now you can schedule Facebook posts ahead of time. Once you have your promotional plan mapped out on your calendar just find a time when it’s convenient for you and you can schedule all your Facebook Page posts at once. No more forgetting!

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Make sure your Facebook Page is ready to schedule posts

Before you can schedule posts, you’ll need to have entered the start date for your business. If you’re unsure if you’ve done this already, just click the status box as if you were going to write a post. (Don’t worry about writing anything right now.) Next, click the little clock icon located on the bottom left of the box. If your Page is ready to schedule, you’ll see the option to add the year for the schedule date just above the clock icon. Otherwise, the “When Did Your Page Begin?” box will pop up so you can enter and save the correct information.

 Step 2: Enter status and set schedule time

When everything looks right, click “Schedule.”

You’ll then see a confirmation of the date and time your post is scheduled to publish.

You can review or cancel any of your scheduled posts by visiting your activity log.

 Save time by planning ahead and scheduling posts

Facebook for busy small business owners just got a little easier, don’t you think?

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