Planning and scheduling your social media marketing efforts in advance is a good idea for a variety of reasons.

For one, it can make the sometimes overwhelming task of keeping up with all of your social media channels feel a bit more manageable. It also gives you the ability to develop a long-term social plan that can lead to greater results.

Twitter recently announced that all marketers using Twitter’s Ad Products can now schedule organic or Promoted Tweets for specific dates and times (including Tweets with photos), up to a year in advance!

According to their announcement…

With scheduled Tweets, you can publish content at any time without having staff on-call to Tweet on evenings, weekends, holidays, or other inconvenient times. Advertisers also gain the flexibility to plan content in advance for events like premieres and product releases.

Ready to start scheduling?

Here’s how:

  1. Go to and log in with your Twitter account information
  2. Click on the “Creatives” tab in the top navigation bar next to Campaigns and Analytics
  3. Then click the “Compose Tweet” button and create your Tweet, add a photo etc.
  4. Click on the “Scheduling” tab and choose the date and time you’d like the Tweet to be published
  5. Click the “Schedule Tweet” button

Just remember…

Scheduled Tweets should never replace your interactions on Twitter. The last thing you want to do is become a Tweeting robot that doesn’t engage with followers. Continue to connect with your followers regularly and respond to their Tweets.

As long as you remain true to all of your social media best practices, Twitter’s new scheduled Tweets will be the cherry on top of your successful social media marketing efforts.

Happy Tweeting!

Have additional questions about scheduling Tweets? Ask me below.