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26 minutes of social media awesome!

1. This week’s topic: The Future of Search Marketing for Small Business

This week we’ve all been talking a lot about the world of search.

Specifically, developments re: Google AuthorRank—a new algorithm that takes the authority of the author into account when serving up search results.

And not to be outdone, Facebook managed to newsjack the conversation with the announcement of Facebook Graph Search—an enhancement to the current search bar on Facebook—that allows you to find more granular information based on your connections and activity within Facebook.

In addition to our regular band of misfits, we have a special guest joining us today: Constant Contact’s search marketing manager, Peter Hughes.

2. Questions/topics we discuss:

  • What is Google AuthorRank?
  • What impact do we see Google AuthorRank having?
  • Why should small businesses care about Google AuthorRank?
  • What should small businesses do to prepare for Google AuthorRank?
  • What is Google Authorship?
  • Final thoughts on to Google AuthorRank?
  • What is Facebook’s Graph Search?
  • What impact do we see Facebook’s Graph Search having?
  • What should small businesses do to prepare for Facebook’s Graph Search?
  • Final thoughts on Facebook’s Graph Search?

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Additional resource: How to Set Up Google Authorship

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