On September 30, we are hosting a special training event, How to Stand Out and Attract New Customers: Simple Strategies for Getting Your Business Found Online.

The goal of the event is to provide you with the skills you need to get your business discovered, so that you can attract new customers and do more business.

One of the major topics that will be covered during this 90-minute session is search engine optimization, or SEO.

SEO is a topic that has become increasingly important for small businesses in recent years.

One reason for this is that search engines like Google and Bing have transformed to fit the needs of the people using these sites.

They are easier to use, provide more relevant and helpful results, and include more detail than ever before.

Understanding how these tools work and what factors need to be considered when creating content for your website or blog will allow you to drive more visits and better results for your business.

Another important factor in the growing importance of SEO is mobile, and the popularity of using devices like smartphones and tablets to search online.

According to a recent report from Google, 50 percent of mobile users are more likely to visit a store after conducting a local search on a smartphone.

By taking steps to optimize your online presence with search in mind, you’ll have more people finding your business and more opportunities to attract new customers.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of some of our top search and SEO resources.

We’ve been fortunate to have contributions on the blog from a number of SEO experts over the course of the last year.

Read interviews, listen to podcasts, download our search guide, and bookmark the resources you need to get started with SEO for your small business.

Check out the full list of resources below and make sure to reserve your spot for this month’s special event.

An introduction to SEO

Still not sure what SEO is, or why it matters? Don’t worry!

These resources will provide the introduction you need, as well as advice to help you get started.

1. What is Search Engine Optimization? Getting Started is Easy.

2. Simplifying SEO for Small Business: 9 Questions with an SEO Expert

3. How to Get Your Business to Show Up on Google

SEO Basics

Like with most online marketing topics, search and SEO have a vocabulary of their own.

Check out what Ryan Kettler, Director of Communications for BoostSuite, has written on SEO basics to learn important SEO concepts and how they can be applied to help you get discovered.

You can also check out our video on Secure Search to learn about one of Google’s biggest changes from the last year.

4. SEO No’s: 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Optimizing Your Website

5. How to Get More Than Lucky Researching Keywords

6. 5 On-Page SEO Factors All Small Businesses Need to Focus On

7. Get Clicks! 3 Meta Description Tips to Help You Stand Out in Search Results

8. 10 Useful Headline Tips To Get Your Articles Noticed

9. What Should I Do About Google’s Secure Search?

SEO and Social Media

You may not realize, but search and social media have a close relationship that all businesses need to be aware of. Find out how you can leverage the work you may already be doing on social media to help improve your search results.

10. Google Plus: Your New SEO Valentine

11. 6 Uncomplicated Social SEO Tips for Small Businesses

Local Search

Applying simple SEO best practices to your website and blog will help you get discovered when people are searching for topics relevant to the content you create.

But there’s also another side of search, called local search, that all small businesses need to be aware of.

Find out why local search matters to your small business, and learn more about how mobile has changed the way people find information about your business online.

12. How Mobile Search Can Help You Find Your Next Great Customer [Speakeasy Podcast #63]

13. [Guide] How Mobile Search Can Help You Find Your Next Great Customer

14. Mobile Search: How New Customers Find You

15. How to Prepare for When New Customers Discover Your Business

Ready to get started?

How to Stand Out and Attract New Customers: Simple Strategies for Getting Your Business Found Online is taking place on September 30, 1pm – 2:30pm.

Join our speakers for a discussion that will be full of insights and simple “how to” steps you can take to improve your chances of getting found by your next great customer.

Reserve your spot today!