This is a guest post by Erik Severinghaus of SimpleRelevance, an integration with Constant Contact that helps e-commerce companies automatically send automated, personalized email to generate more revenue.

SimpleRelevanceGone are the days when businesses could blast out generic email messages to their customers with the hopes of sending a relevant message to someone, somewhere.

In the era of information overload, the need for personalized content is only increasing.

These days, customers want everything from their suits and sandwiches to television shows and Twitter feeds tailored especially for them. Ignoring this trend can lead to disastrous results.

In a study analyzing the top reasons why customers unsubscribe from email lists, Constant Contact found that 56% of customers are lost because “the content is no longer relevant.” Over time, this unsubscribe rate significantly decreases not only customer lists but revenue as well.

Take a lesson from learned years ago that sending relevant emails with customized product recommendations directly impacts the bottom line. In fact, VentureBeat reported that 35% of’s revenue comes from recommendations based on past purchase behavior.  Simply put, customized emails equal more revenue. Luckily, even small businesses that do not have the marketing budget of can quickly and easily start customizing email.

Start gathering basic data

Capturing basic demographic data about customers is simple; however a report by Marketing Sherpa found that only 14% of companies actually do it. The easiest and most cost effective way of collecting customer data is to include a few extra fields on the Constant Contact Signup Form—such as age and gender.

Use SimpleRelevance for instant customization

Unfortunately, gathering customer data is only part of the problem. The bigger problem is that most companies either lack the resources or know-how to successfully translate customer data into better marketing communication. Fortunately, SimpleRelevance seamlessly integrates with the Constant Contact platform to instantly and automatically churn out customized emails. SimpleRelevance uses detailed inputs such as customer demographics, location, and past purchase behavior and delivers the perfectly tailored message that today’s customers expect.

Build sales automatically

Constant Contact has always made it incredibly easy for small businesses to connect with their customers and grow their businesses. By combining the ease of Constant Contact with the sophistication of SimpleRelevance, companies create a marketing powerhouse to grow their businesses even smarter. Sign up with SimpleRelevance today to create hyper-customized emails, happier customers, and higher sales—instantly!

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