Here at Constant Contact, helping small businesses succeed is the motivation behind everything we do.

We feel so strongly about our mission that we created the Promise (you can view the Promise video at the end of this post).

With the Promise we are holding ourselves accountable — to ourselves and to you. The Promise’s message isn’t new. It’s something Constant Contact has believed and lived for years.

But what is new is that by “going public” with our Promise, we’re putting ourselves on the line — the same way you put yourself and your business on the line for your customers every single day.

Part of our Promise is to help you see that you have a real advantage over big business — and support that advantage.

I know, I know. Big businesses have marketing teams and ad budgets; they have scale, they have lots of things you don’t have.

However, you have one advantage big businesses don’t have: the ability to form personal connections with your customers.

You know your customers

Whether customers enter your business through a retail storefront, at a networking event, or on a Skype video call, you know who they are.

You take the time to chat them up. You know their spouses’ and children’s names and where they went on vacation. You know their likes and dislikes and how you can help them.

You know more about your customers based on day-to-day interactions than big business does with their complex CRM databases!

You have hands-on control of the customer experience

When big retailers want to train their thousands of customer service reps on how to be “nice to people,” they have to find ways to disseminate the message and then hope that message “sticks.”

You, on the other hand, lead by example. Your employees, whether you have four or forty-four, watch you and learn. You work with them directly, correcting when necessary, and giving praise when things go well.

And, should a problem arise, your customers don’t call an 800 number and wade through voice prompts or sit on hold. They talk directly to you and you solve it.

In turn, your customers care about your success

When you create a great customer experience, customers go out of their way to do business with you. Maybe the big retailer does have lower prices, yet your customers give you their business anyway. Why? Because they know you. They care about your success.

To help drive business your way, your customers tell others about you — at parties, at the kids’ soccer games, and most definitely online: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, among others.

It’s this two-way personal connection that makes it super easy for you to create little touches that keep people coming back.

Email newsletters work, of course, and so do hand-written thank you notes, postcards, flyers given at the point-of-sale, “thought about you when I read this” emails, and most any small thing you can do to show your customers you care about them.

We celebrate your achievements

The Promise is our commitment to you — to show you that our focus always has been and will continue to be on supporting your success. Because when you succeed, your family succeeds, and your community succeeds. You’re the hero, and our hat is off to you!

(Can’t see the video? View it here.)

At the end of 2014, we took some time to review our year to make sure we were delivering on the Promise. Check out our 2014 Year in Review.