Coupons (and the people who use them) historically have some undeserved negative associations. They conjure thoughts of the deal scavenging coupon clipper, who has no brand loyalty and won’t bring repeat business. Understandably this image isn’t the most enticing to small businesses, causing many to shy away from the thought of running a deal or offering a coupon.

I’d like to challenge that stereotype and give you a few reasons why coupons might be a good idea for your business.

Allow me to introduce you to the modern day coupon clipper.

I know that personally, when I’m searching for a local business, those running a deal or offering a coupon are often the ones that get my attention and get me in the door. But that coupon is just the starting point in getting me to return and become a loyal customer — it’s more of the dangling carrot to get me to make that first step.

For me, it’s the experience, the quality of the product or service, and the business’s values that turn me into an advocate. Couple this experience with some ongoing special offers, and you have a business I’m likely to rave to my friends and family about. This is the basis of the modern day coupon clipper.

Today’s consumer is on the hunt for the best experience, and best quality brand or service out there. They want to be brand loyal, to have ties to local businesses that do things that they appreciate and share similar values — and, of course, to be rewarded for their ongoing loyalty with the occasional special offer.

Does this sound like the type of customer you’re looking for? Thought it might!

I recently wrote about the different ways small businesses can reach the “modern day coupon clipper” on

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