Doing more with less is something most of us are getting good at.

It’s a way to compensate for the rising costs of some of life’s basics, like food and clothing. Whether it’s as small as bringing your lunch to work every day, or as big as selling your car and relying on public transportation, chances are you’ve cut a corner over the last 12 months to save some money.

According to Constant Contact’s recent Small Business Pulse Survey, small business owners are no different.

Though almost 40 percent saw revenue increases last year over 2012, and more than half expect revenues to increase again this year, 65 percent say they’ve had to make some concessions to economic pressures, from reducing operating budgets to putting hiring plans on hold.

Despite budget reductions, small businesses are doubling down on their marketing efforts, saying they have two employees (including themselves) focused on marketing activities.

Plus, half of the respondents reported working with three to four marketing vendors. In the end, it translates into a lot of resources that small businesses are putting toward their marketing efforts.

The good news is that those who are taking advantage of the growing marketing opportunities across channels like email, mobile, and social media are succeeding.

They report gaining more: customer engagement (73 percent), new customers (57 percent), website traffic (54 percent), and revenue (40 percent) – impressive results.

Of course, the many opportunities that multi-channel marketing presents can also create some challenges for small business owners, most of whom are not professional marketers.

Some point to the challenges of learning how to use different interfaces and keeping a consistent look and feel across all of the channels. These issues are being addressed by emerging technologies like the Constant Contact Toolkit, which brings together in one place all of the marketing tools needed to conduct multi-channel marketing campaigns.

As these technologies streamline multi-channel marketing efforts, negating the need for multiple vendors, small businesses will find it increasingly easier and more affordable to be everywhere their customers are – from search engines, to mobile devices, to Twitter feeds.

This means that the percentage of small businesses that have adopted multi-channel marketing programs will likely get higher than the current 82 percent.

Have you conducted marketing campaigns across email, social, mobile and web channels?  If so, were they successful?