When we talk to small businesses and nonprofits about online marketing, one of the things we hear all the time is that people just don’t know where to turn when they’re in need of help.

They want to get better at using online marketing tools like email and social media, and are more than willing to try something new to help attract new customers, donors, or volunteers. But the problem is that they just don’t know where to start.

If you’re in a similar position, you know how easy it is to let the process of finding help stand in the way of getting things done.

To help you get started, here are 6 places you should look first.

1. Attend in-store events

A lot of people don’t realize that many of the places they already visit on a regular basis offer hands-on marketing training right at their stores.

Staples is a great example of this! Constant Contact is partnering with Staples to bring marketing education right to your backyard. We are offering free in-store small business marketing workshops across the country. Participants have plenty of time to ask questions, share experiences, network with peers, and leave with real-world insights and knowledge that they can put to work in their own businesses.

Our first of these events is scheduled to take place September 25 at thirty five Staples stores in California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, and Washington.

Find a seminar near you.

2. Connect with your local SCORE chapter

SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow, and achieve their goals through education and mentorship.

Whether you’re setting goals for your business or starting one, SCORE is ready to help. With more than 300 chapters across the U.S., there’s sure to be one near you.

Find your local chapter.

3. Reach out to your local Chamber

There’s a good chance your local chamber of commerce is already offering training and educational opportunities to businesses just like yours.

If you haven’t already reached out to your chamber to see what they have planned, you should. Even if they don’t have specific events in their calendar, there’s a good chance they can help you connect with other business owners that have already had success growing and promoting their own business.

We partner with more than 3,000 chambers across the world!

See what your local Chamber has to offer.

4. Find a workshop

In addition to local seminars, you can also look for more “hands-on” workshops to help you get started.

These events typically offer step-by-step training to a smaller group of participants.

Here at Constant Contact, we have day-long workshops known as Boot Camps, which offer guided technical demonstrations and hands-on learning through collaborative small-group activities, peer reviews, and personal coaching.

Find a Boot Camp in your area.

5. Learn online

If you’re having trouble finding time to learn in-person, you may want to consider attending an online event.

Online webinars give you the chance to get the training you need right from your home or place of business. You can register for these events ahead of time and have a reminder sent right to your inbox before the webinar begins.

At Constant Contact, we offer both live and recorded webinars, covering a wide range of topics from email marketing, social media marketing, online deals and promotions, and event management.

Check out of our full calendar of online events.

6. Get education sent right to your inbox

If you’ve ever searched online for marketing advice, you know that there’s a ton of information out there about any and all online marketing topics.

Take the time to find sources you can rely on. Once you find them, see if they offer the opportunity to subscribe to have updates sent right to your inbox. That way, you’ll never miss a chance to learn something new.

We use our Hints & Tips newsletter to send out our best pieces of content every month. When you sign up, you’ll be the first to find out about new eBooks, guides, webinars, and blog posts covering a wide range of online marketing topics.

Find the right learning opportunity for you

As you can see, there are plenty of places you can turn to when you’re ready to learn something new.

The next step is figuring out what makes the most sense for you.

We will be hosting free marketing seminars at Staples stores across the US next Wednesday, September 25! Find an event in your area.